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St. Tetrimon Edict lifted – Order allowed to return to Amarr Empire

2006-01-18 - Publié par Svarthol

Yesterday, Tuzilo Zhada, Head of Archiving for the Theology Council, delivered a report to the Privy Council, regarding the so-called "Tetrimon Scriptures." The report states that several books in the Tetrimon Scriptures are authentic, although the publication did not mention which chapters these were. The Scriptures were given to the Theology Council little over a year ago by the Order of St. Tetrimon, who claim the current Scriptures, that dictate so much of the Empire’s social structures, were altered hundreds of years ago to empower the Emperor and the Heirs in the Privy Council.

Shortly after the delivery of the report, the Privy Council released a statement in which it re-opens Amarrian space for the Order of St. Tetrimon once more.

"In the past, the Order of St. Tetrimon has been a thorn in the Empires’ side. However, with the preliminary discoveries made by the Theology Council, we now understand that the Imperial Edict banning them from the Empire can be revoked. Although only the Emperor has the power to permanently revoke an Edict once it is made, the Privy Council has the right to temporarily suspend it. From this day, the Order of St. Tetrimon shall no longer be banished from the Empire. Their Exile is over, for now."

"We urge the members of the Order to act in accordance with Amarrian law and refrain from trying to subvert the authority of the Emperor and this Council. Until such a time where an Emperor once again sits on the Throne of Amarr and the Theology council finishes their research, the Edict’s suspension may be made permanent, or it may be reversed. It is in the Order's hands."

Mervan Moritok, head of the Theology Council, declined to comment on the ruling, claiming it was not the place of the Theology Council to judge the Heirs’ decisions.

Meanwhile, imperial scholars are eager to get their hands on the parts that have been ratified by the Theology Council. One of the Scriptures’ leading scholars Maston Dufoix, had this to say:

"This is really exciting. This is the most exciting thing to have happened to Scriptural studies in the past 70 years. This might change the way we look at the Emperor and the Privy Council. I hope the Theology Council hurries up with studying the remaining books and Chapters. We might finally know and understand for certain what happened during the Moral Reforms all those years ago! As to the Order itself, I have to take the opportunity to thank them for their efforts to preserve the integrity of the scriptures. I hope the Amarr Empire decides to keep the Edict banning them suppressed."

Since the delivery of their copies of the Scriptures to the Theology Council, The Order of St. Tetrimon has not been heard from much. Believed to be thrown into chaos by the death of their beloved Grand Master Elata Ardo, who died protecting the shipments containing the Scriptures, they remained hidden until now. They are expected to make a return to Amarr Empire. Whether or not they will arrive quietly remains to be seen.