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Stop Dreaming and Do It!

2009-09-30 - Publié par CCP Heimdall

Your story, next year:

I woke up excited to go to work this morning; never thought I‘d say that before this job. I get in a bit early to the office. My team needs me and the pressure is on. We‘ve busted our butts these last couple of sprints to get our baby fine-tuned and ready for Sisi, and the deadline for the new build looms. Just a few more tweaks and tests and we are there, and the team is pounding away, working together like a fine-tuned machine...

A whirr reminiscent of a gatling gun and the booming laughter of a large German fills the air just as the polystyrene projectile strikes my head, another following it to the chest. Injured but not down, I push forward with my team‘s single-minded goal, of course after defending my honor with a few choice words for the crazed gunman.

Chatter in the team: we‘re looking at a fringe test case that seems a bit odd, the only hurdle left on this steeplechase. We all gather around, talking about the issue, being critical and proving to ourselves that our work is rock solid. All agree, we are Done.

I look at my team. Back home, I was always ahead of the pack, but then so was every one of them as well. Here I am surrounded by the best and brightest from all over the world, and I am one of them. The button is pushed, our final submission for this sprint. Now just to wait for the build to complete and see our work on the public server, get tons of awesome feedback from our players and volunteers, and perhaps bask in a bit of glory (or flames) on the forums. But no time for basking now, the next challenge awaits as we get to do it all over again. But first, lunch (I heard rumors of lamb steaks and cake today) and maybe a match or two in the game room. I may even sign up for a massage this afternoon. And then tonight there‘s that party, or I might just play some games with the guys here at the office, or join some others at the gym, or all of the above...

But what I am most looking forward to is seeing our work go live. And after a few more iterations, I want to hand this awesomeness over to the guys downstairs that keep the universe running - to see it up on Tranquility. I want to see our mark on New Eden and the hundreds of thousands that inhabit it, to hear the shock of the players months later when they realize that some of our absolutely insane ideas were actually brilliant in ways that they had never even imagined.

And I want to do all of it with this collection of nerds, freaks and geeks and flat-out geniuses that is CCP.

Are you one of the best and brightest in your field of expertise? Do you have what it takes to join CCP? Are you fearless?

Apply for the biggest adventure of your life. I dare ya.

- CCP Heimdall