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Sylph Alliance Closed

2010-05-03 - Publié par Svarthol

D61A-G, Providence - On 19.04.112, Sylph Alliance closed down after losing sovereignty over all its systems in Catch and Providence in the war with Against ALL Authorities some months ago.

Created four years ago, Sylph Alliance at its peak numbered nearly 500 pilots among 20 corporations that controlled 17 solar systems with 7 outposts.

Former Sylph communication officer, Souzen Yurama attributed the decline of the alliance to problems arising in the alliance after the Ushra'Khan attack, which Souzen considered as having “the biggest impact on the corps [that left] from Sylph.” After this attack, he claimed, the alliance had to raise internal taxes which lead to further corporations leaving. This left Sylph lacking in leadership and suffering dwindling numbers. 

DirtyFace, CEO of United States Army Corporation [USAA], which was formerly part of Libertas Fidelitas Alliance [LFA] before joining Sylph, explained that “LFA pushed into Against All Authorities [AAA] space trying to take [HED-GP]” and identified this move as the source for all the problems within Sylph. “With no leader, Sylph was left to burn.” This situation led to USAA acceptance into Sylph. “I came in and within a week everyone voted me in as new leader. Now I had an Empire.” DirtyFace attributed his swift promotion to years of hard work earning the trust of the Providence Holders, but described the rulers of the region as “[like] a teen kid - scared and not having a clue [about] what [they were] doing or should do.”

Souzen Yurama said that Sylph's fate became set when “Klebitz (vice-president, 2nd officer in Sylph) accepted USAA without [discussing the matter] with other Sylph officers.” USAA was in Sylph for eleven days, during which, according to Souzen, two other Corporations were accepted to the alliance in accordance with Klebitz's plan to increase member count.

Within those eleven days, USAA was elected executor and Souzen stated that Sylph became disorganized, dropping all sovereignty and losing all its outposts while the alliance worked on cleaning up its member list.

DirtyFace thought the main problem in Sylph was something else: “Greed... I tried to leave everything to one man and walk away but there were too many fights about how to run things and where to go. I had men loyal to me for over five years. The second I had to go, all my generals wanted the chair. So instead of having my name and corporation destroyed while I am gone, I gave it all away to the people.”

DirtyFace said that the final disbanding of Sylph and distribution of its assets was done by him personally as an act of charity, moving its assets to people that he felt were more responsible. This action caused CVA to set DirtyFace and his corporation "Kill On Sight." DirtyFace stated “Curatores Veritatis Alliance marked my men red for this. Now I am unable to fly in my own homeland. When [I return], and I will return, CVA will fall by my hand. I promise you that.”

Faced with an enemy offensive into their territory three months ago and burdened with internal conflicts and lack of leadership, the final demise of Sylph came last week when the DCO 2-7 CAV Corporation left the alliance, allowing it to close after 4 years in operation.

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