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*TEST* Stargate Collision causes pilot headaches.

2006-06-27 - Publié par Svarthol

JITA. Congestion reached an all time high in the major trade hub of Jita yesterday as over 500 pod pilots all vied for the same space. The system which has recently become the focus of much attention in light of the statue errected to honor capsuleer corporation BURN EDEN for their successful completion of the riddles laid out in the will of a wealthy Caldari citizen. The statue has been the focus of much attention and has resulted in many pilots being hemmed in temporarily after a collision between an Iteron mk. 5 owned by the The Big Blue Alliance and a Navy Caracal resulted in minor damage being done to the Sobaseki stargate. CONCORD has acknowledged the problem and has temporarily advised all ships to avoid the system for the time being until the stargate can be repaired. In the meanwhile pilots are being directed to follow these detours.