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The Angel Project

2013-03-18 - Publié par CCP Phantom
by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Amarr, Throne Worlds - Last year, a remarkable thing happened in New Eden. A capsuleer began going around giving random strangers things they needed.

It wasn't a scam.

It wasn't a trick.

It was the Angel Project, brainchild of Sindel Pellion, a member of TEST Alliance Please Ignore.

After reading dozens of threads on scamming and the respect it garnered, Ms. Pellion decided that while "scamming may be a part of life in New Eden, it isn't part of MY life."

So she started the Angel Project. The premise is fairly simple, in that any capsuleer with ISK, modules or ships to spare sends them to The Angel Project who, together with Ms. Pellion, redistributes the items and ISK to needy capsuleers.

The project was initially met with disbelief, especially by younger capsuleers who couldn't believe that random strangers were really giving away expensive ships, modules and ISK for no reason. To be fair to those capsuleers, history has shown that in New Eden; if it looks free, it's probably a scam.

Despite what cynical capsuleers may feel, Ms. Pellion appears to be running a legitimate charity operation dedicated to getting ISK and items to the capsuleers who need it most.

Future plans of the Angel Project include a sponsored roam for Brave Newbies, an upcoming charity auction and a currently-ongoing charity drive to raise extra funds for the Project.

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