The Fanfest Quafe Dominix has landed! | EVE Online

The Fanfest Quafe Dominix has landed!

2015-03-06 - Publié par CCP Guard

The third of the three Fanfest 2015 ship skins, the Quafe Dominix, has landed. If you've already purchased a Fanfest ticket you can get your skin righ now from the redeeming system. If you have yet to buy a ticket, there's still a few left!

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The Dominix is among the oldest and best known warhorses in EVE. Like the two previous Fanfest ships of 2015, the Tristan and the Vexor, the Dominix is a master of drone warfare. This stylish and previously unreleased blue Quafe skin is predicted to look especially nice with the new drone icons.

See you at Fanfest!