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The Hitchhiker's Guide to New Eden - Part III

2008-04-15 - Publié par Svarthol

Heading: Due South - Throughout the vastness of space, thousands of elite pilots fly across the starry skies oblivious of the forgotten wonders waiting to be rediscovered.

Epic monuments, abandoned stations, crumbling ruins, weird and wonderful spacial phenomena, just some of the sights waiting to be seen.

For those pilots who want to experience something different, for those who are wanting to capture the spirit of adventure and exploration, here is a collection of some of New Edens most important natural, man-made and other mysteriously fabricated landmarks and points of interest.

Setting off from the remote port of Polaris we will travel in each of the cardinal directions documenting our finds.

After witnessing the splendor of the EVE Gate, we cannot help but wonder what awaits us as we head on a southern tack.

Journeying Into The South

The Traumark Installation

  • The Traumark Installation represents the proudest moment in the history of the Tash-Murkon family - a massive fortress guarding the southern space territories of the vastly rich royal family. But that moment came and went when the fortress, once thought to be impregnable, fell into the hands of Sansha's Nation. All efforts to retake the installation have failed and today it stands as a thorn in the side of the proud, but humbled, Tash-Murkons.

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Vapor Sea

  • Vapor Sea, also known as Crib of Stars, is a melding pot of gaseous clouds where new stars are being born. Although new stars and solar systems are still millions of years away the area is of great interest to scientists. The lack of gravity wells makes it impossible to create stargates anywhere near the area, this obviously impacted on our travel plans and caused us to be in this area much longer than originally anticipated, however we have again got some fantastic data to study.

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Pagera Manton

  • One of the most revered holy sites of the Blood Raiders is located in the constellation OK-FEM, called the Pagera Manton. This is the story currently accepted as fact.

    The Pagera Manton was a giant space-ship that was at the head of a massive Amarrian exploration team that had ventured into unknown lands hundreds of years ago. A malfunction in its warp-drive stranded the ship, far away from the rest of the fleet. During that time space-communication was not as sophisticated as today, and it had no way of contacting other vessels of the expedition. Years passed and the crew had finally lost all hope of survival. Food supply was running dangerously low, and it seemed that starvation was inevitable. It was then that one of the officers, an Ammatar by the name of Kalorr Makur, took matters into his own hands. He staged a successful coupe against the commanding officer of the ship and had his most loyal followers bind and gag the dissidents inside a secure chamber under his control. These unfortunate souls became the crews new food supply, unbeknownst to most of the crewmembers. For over a year this plan worked, although Kalorr did have to turn to his own followers eventually to replenish his stock of human meat.

    Over a century later the ship was discovered by Blood Raider pioneers scouring the distant solar-systems of OK-FEM. They found the remains of the crew, and more importantly a few dozen gigantic tanks encasing millions of liters of blood. Unbeknownst to them the blood had been collected by Kalorr who dried the human meat before consumption. The blood had been meant as a final foodsource after the meat supply had run out, but was never actually consumed as the machine responsible for recycling the air supply malfunctioned which caused the remaining crew to slowly suffocate. Fortunately the blood containers were kept in sub-freezing temperature, which despite over a centry of decay were still up and working when the Pagera was found. And not only that, Kalorr Makur's body was discovered in its very own container, along with his closest allies.

    News of the find quickly spread through the Blood Raider territories, and their revered High Priest at the time declared it a 'gift from God'. The blood was stripped from the tanks and brought back to the Blood Raider headquarters for examination and ritualistic purposes. Kalorr was cloned, using genetic material retrieved from his body taken from the Pagera, and he was immediately instated as an officer of the Blood Raiders. Years later he was even made into a saint.

    And to this day the Pagera is closely guarded by Kalorr and his small army of clones, extremely loyal to the Blood Raiders. Drugs, many generations of cloning and a terrible history has rendered the former Amarrian traveller completely insane. And despite the Pagera being a popular point of pilgrimage for the members of the Blood Raider organization, few venture there outside of large, heavily armed groups. Kalorr is known to pick off stragglers for his sinister rituals, no matter to which religion or organization they belong to.

    Needless to say we did not want to linger in this area longer than necessary, and unfortunately we did not see the ship although we saw enough patrols to indicate they were guarding something. Perhaps at some point in the future we may re-visit this area.

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Pool of Radiance

  • Space holds many spectacular sights and few are as spectacular as our next stop, the crystal-clouds in the Pool of Radiance. The Pool is illuminated by surrounding stars, which makes it shimmer and shine in every color imaginable, radiating an almost hypnotic glow that delights anyone that sees it. The only problem is that the Pool is located in space controlled by Sansha's Nation, so any prospective visitors are advised to carry an armed escort or some form of protection. Thankfully we had no encounters whilst we were in this area, however that is probably down to luck!

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In the next installment we will be wandering into the east.