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The Max Age Has Begun

2008-07-10 - Publié par Svarthol

Band of Brothers has initiated an operation they call “Maximum Damage”, or the “Max Age” for short. In the first of four planned deployments, Shrike has led the first team of over 350 capital ships and 600 support ships into a staging area in Saranen, Lonetrek. Once all four deployments have been completed, they will work in concert to sweep through the Northern regions laying waste to everything they can. As Shrike told us, “The capital age is here. We just moved 350 capitals 50 light years in 2 hours, nothing is safe… everything burns.”

In preparation for this massive undertaking, Shrike said; “The last 6 months have seen a total halt on [accepting] new allies. No new allies will be added, [and] the ones that have stayed with us will remain.

We have our own home, Delve, Querious, and Period Basis. [They’re] well protected, and in no danger. Jump Clone [technology] makes it easy for us to switch focus in 2 hours… wherever we can Jump Clone, we can attack in a very short amount of time.”

Ten Titan class ships took part in today’s deployment. Shrike estimates that the Band of Brothers assault force will contain at least a total of 20 Titans. The remaining deployments are expected to occur over the next twenty four hours and actual combat operations to occur shortly after.

Promu, a Fleet Commander with Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, had some mixed feelings about the operation: “I don’t see it will change much. I don’t think BoB will look for more space now; I believe we will just see MAX fleets on a regular basis… maybe ‘once a week, coming to a system near you’ kinda thing. It might make alliances a bit more cautious on making full out attacks to take sovereign space though, knowing they could be on the receiving end of 1000 BoB [pilots]. But like Shrike says, everything burns. IAC are king of spirits. We know how to burn things [too]. Maybe one day we will have Shrike tackled long enough to burn him. We will fight. Win lose or draw, IAC will fight as long as there are ships in our bays.”