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Tribal Issue Tempest Raffle Opens

2009-04-24 - Publié par Svarthol

Amarr, Domain - Industrialist and philanthropist Chribba is raffling a Tempest Tribal Issue with a complete set of Republic Fleet issue fittings to the capsuleer community.

There are currently thought to be only four Tempest Tribal Issues in existence, at least one of which is owned by Entity, an avid collector of rare ships and other curios.

Originally commissioned by the four ruling tribes of the Republic (Brutor, Sebiestor, Krusual and Vherokior), the Tribal Issue Tempests in the hands of capsuleers were presented as alliance tournament prizes. The Tribal 'Pest (as it is nicknamed) is greatly advanced when compared to the standard-issue Tempest, having:

  • an additional low-power slot,
  • an additional medium-power slot,
  • 3,100 MW of additional power grid,
  • 50 tf more CPU speed,
  • 8 turret hardpoints, as opposed to 6 on a Tempest,
  • stronger LADAR sensors,
  • a 5km longer base targeting range,
  • a larger capacitor and shorter capacitor recharge time,
  • double the shield capacity and armor and hull-bulkheads almost twice as thick as a vanilla Tempest,
  • 50 Mbit/s more drone bandwidth and
  • 50 cubic meters more drone bay space.

Ten thousand tickets will be sold for 10 million ISK each, with no limit on the number of tickets a pilot can buy, by transferring the appropriate sum to Chribba himself with the word "TRIBAL" in the "reason" field for the transaction. A facility is also provided wherein participants can confirm their entries.

GalNet References

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Further pictures:

The Tribal Tempest in orbit
The Tribal Tempest at planetary dawn

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