Upcoming Community events W/C 23 Sept 2013 | EVE Online

Upcoming Community events W/C 23 Sept 2013

2013-09-25 - Publié par CCP Navigator

Spacefaring Capsuleers,

As we move in to Autumn and closer to our winter release I wanted to let you know about some cool Community events planned for this coming week. The big reveal for the winter expansion will be streamed live from our Twitch channel on Thursday, September 26 from 20:00 UTC.

After the success of the 1 Quadrillion Bonk at SOMER Blink and to celebrate EVE Vegas 2013, we wanted to do something extra special that would allow players to participate in a lottery for some exceptionally rare ships and items. Starting today, an ‘EVE Vegas Blink Blast Party’ event will be running in which players can win currently unreleased items from the NEX store, Collectors Editions, Ishukone Scorpions, Guardian Vexors and Gold Magnates. I will be talking more about this along with Somerset Mahm on the Blink Forum Thread so feel free to pop in with your questions.

Later in the week we will be bringing back the Dev Incursions. CCP Unifex will be leading three Marshal Class CONCORD SWAT battleships and a sizeable support fleet into an unknown low security system for good fights. During the rest of this week we will give teasers in this forum thread and through our Twitter and Facebook pages