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Xetic Federation Inaugurates President

2005-01-31 - Publié par Svarthol

The largest alliance in the galaxy, The Xetic Federation, inaugurated their first elected president on Saturday in Yulai. Hundreds of Xetic members, as well as representatives from most of the other major alliances, turned out to witness the event and participate in the festivities.

The onlookers cheered as Conram of the XTrading Company, and CYVOK of Celestial Horizon were sworn in as President and Vice President respectively. President Conram made a stirring speech about the future and called upon the Concord Registry of Nations to recognize Xetic as a true independent power, with nation status on an equal footing with all other states. While holding out the hand of friendship to the Amarr Empire, Minmatar Republic, Gallante Federation and Caldari State, Conram firmly requested recognition on the same level as these recognized states. When the speeches had concluded, a large rally was held outside a Concord station in Yulai in hopes of an official response. As of this time, no official responce is forthcoming, and none of the nation states have deemed to comment.

The Xetic Federation is made up of 54 member corporations, and has 4401 capsular pilots in their ranks. They claim the regions of Immensea, Tenerifis, Impass, Omist and Feythabolis. They are close friends to Stain Empire, and work together with them for mutual defence.