EVE Online Dev Blogs

2018-02-12 - By Team Security

Security: Different times - Different ways

In this blog our Security Team brings you an update on the war against bots and how you can help us keep your accounts safe from bad guys

2018-02-08 - By CCP Guard

CSM Winter Summit Minutes & changes to the election process

Check out this dev blog for 77 pages of meeting minutes and news on the future of space democracy!

2018-02-08 - By CCP Falcon

Fanfest 2018 – Call For Player Presenters And Player Swag!

Check out this Dev Blog for more information on how you can get involved as a presenter at Fanfest 2018, and how you can submit your alliance or corporation's swag to be included in the welcome pack!

2018-02-02 - By CCP Quant

Monthly Economic Report - January 2018

Check out the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for January 2018 in this Devblog, for more information on how the economy and markets of EVE Online are shifting as we head into the New Year!

2018-01-31 - By CCP Falcon

Calling All EVE Online Designers - Fanfest 2018 Mouse mat Design Contest

Check out this Dev blog for details on how you can enter the Fanfest 2018 EVE Online Mouse Mat Design Contest, and win fabulous prizes!

2018-01-26 - By Team Psycho Sisters

Encouraging Signals – A Project Discovery Update

Check out this Devblog for an update on Project Discovery from the EVE Online Dev Team and our partners at MMOS and the University of Geneva!

2018-01-19 - By CCP Falcon

A Tribute To CCP Blaze – An Incredible Community Effort

Just before the holidays, we released a Dev Blog that detailed the devastating loss of CCP Blaze, a long serving member of our Audio & Graphics Team here at CCP Iceland. In the blog, we detailed a fundraiser to support his fiancée and one year old daughter here in Reykjavík

2018-01-18 - By Team Five 0

Upwell 2.0 - Structures Changes Coming On February 13th! (UPDATED)

This dev blog has been updated with changes to the plan made with help from the EVE community’s comments, discussion, and feedback. The biggest changes from the previous version of the dev blog are: The removal of the Standup GTFO module from the plan The removal of the 5 minut

2018-01-02 - By CCP Quant

Monthly Economic Report - December 2017

This is the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for December 2017. The raw data and graphs that make up this report, including the killmail data, can be downloaded here (21 MB). Click on any graph in this report for an enlarged version.

2017-12-21 - By Team Psycho Sisters

Updates to The Agency, Journal, and Agent Finder

Greetings Capsuleers, With the January release you will notice we have made some significant changes to the following windows in EVE: The Agency Journal Agent Finder Updates to The Agency With the January release we are going to be introducing the following features to The A