BREAKING NEWS on Turnur I | EVE Online


2022-10-28 - Von EVE Online Team

Curious capsuleers,

Over the last several months, the race has been on amongst the empires to be the first to gain access to Stellar Transmuter technology by fighting for control over the Turnur, Egmar, and Vard systems and building upon this coveted technology.

However, concerns grow as the research into the Stellar Transmuters begins to have some unforeseen implications. As covered in the latest episode of the Scope, the Turnur system's star appears to have been destabilized beyond recovery by the activity of the Prototype Stellar Transmuter placed in orbit by the Amarr Empire. Stellar radiation emitted by the star has been fluctuating at ever shorter intervals, seemingly heading towards an imminent crescendo.

Scientists raised the alarm upon calculating that the interval between radiation spikes had been decreasing in a linear manner, indicating that a "terminal phase" would be reached at around 17:00 New Eden Standard Time on 2 November.

One leading theory about what may occur during the "terminal phase" is that a radiation burst and coronal mass ejection will take place. The planet Turnur I and the Republic station around it are believed to be at grave risk of catastrophic damage or destruction in the likely scenario of a stellar event which is projected to be on a similar scale to that seen during the Seyllin Incident of YC111.

Planetary industry workers on Turnur I have already begun evacuation from the planet as a safety measure and capsuleers are warned to proceed with caution upon entering the system, particularly around the projected “terminal phase.”

The situation will continue to be monitored with more news to come as events unfold, so stay tuned for more episodes of The Scope and on CCPTV.

Fly Safe!