Community Beat for 7 July | EVE Online

Community Beat for 7 July

2023-07-07 - Von EVE Online Community Team

Welcome back spacefriends to the latest installment of the Community Beat!

In this episode we'd like to shine the spotlight on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from PI management tools, a spreadsheet assisted mining video, a Dev interview on Economy post Viridian, a PVP video & a new NPSI hub!

Starting off, let's talk about Planetary Interaction. Do you ever forget to restart extractions on your planets? I do. Reddit user snipereagle did too so he decided to create a PI management and reminder tool and he decided to make that tool public. You can head over to his reddit post or go straight to his website Planets in Space.

You can even add a nifty Discord BOT into your life which will give you PI status updates as seen below!

If PI isn't your jam, and you prefer extracting minerals with your bare hands (or mining lasers) then you should definitely take a look at JAKEL33T. He has a ton of SOLO Mining videos, and even goes in-depth in his latest video where he shows his mining spreadsheet & how he decides which ores are worth his time! Now that Spreadsheets in Space are finally a reality with the Microsoft Excel add-in, maybe you can see if Jake wants to share his spreadsheets to the community ;)

Anyways, here's the video!

Up next, OZ invited CCP Psych onto his show to talk about the economy side of EVE post Viridian. If Trading and Profits are your game, then this should be on your radar!

Fear not, we also have PVP in today's Community Beat!

Kaiser Friedlich, aka Grunt Kado, has a new addition to his One Man Army Series. In this one, he's rocking an 1800DPS Nighthawk whilst brawling inside ESS's - check it out:

Last but not least! - keacte CEO of F.U.N. Inc. has announced the 2.0 launch of the NPSI Community Gateway. This is a place where you can find scheduled NPSI PVP roams, with lots of established communities all posting their schedules in one place!

This is what the schedule looks like today:

As a final note, we've recently re-reviewed our alliance logo policy and loosened up our content requirements to make it easier for for alliances to express their identity the way they want. Read more about this update in this post on the EVE forums.

Check out some cool alliance logos which will be making their way into the game soon:

If your alliance is at least 6 months old and you would like to submit a logo design please check out the Alliance Logo Submission Policy so that you're familiar with our content and technical requirements.

That's all for today's Community Beat!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend, and we'll see you again next time! <3