2023-06-20 - By EVE Online Team

Excellent capsuleers,

Supercharge your EVE Online experience with the free add-in for Microsoft Excel. Seamlessly integrating with Excel, this powerful tool is available now and enables you to effortlessly access and analyze your in-game data across all your accounts and characters.

Once your data is imported, unlock the full potential of Excel's robust analysis and visualization tools. Create custom reports, graphs, and charts to gain deep insights into your in-game activities, track your progress, and strategize your next steps.


In the fiercely competitive world of New Eden, strategy, knowledge, and preparedness are paramount. Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of data, as access to and the understanding of data can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

For a long time, EVE Online has been lovingly referred to as “Spreadsheets in Space”. Well, your chance to excel in New Eden can now become reality with the official Microsoft Excel add-in for EVE Online. You can now quickly and efficiently arm yourself with the information and knowledge to reach your goals and aspirations. Easy access to in-game data facilitates decision making and brings added fairness and accessibility to everyone, without requiring coding knowledge or dependence on player-developed third-party tools.

The add-in was developed in collaboration with the Excel team, including some in-house capsuleers who have been invaluable to the project. EVE Online is the first and only video game to have developed an Excel add-in leveraging this type of data integration.

“CCP Games has extensive experience in the MMO space, so it’s only natural that we collaborate with them to launch the first-ever native Microsoft Excel add-in for a video game,” said Catherine Pidgeon, Microsoft Head of Product, Excel. “With the add-in, the EVE Online player base can seamlessly export and manage data without third-party tools. Through this collaboration, we’re excited to see how players of EVE Online of all skill levels can use Excel to streamline data management and take their in-game experience to new heights.”


This is an indispensable tool for any player striving to reach new heights. Whether you’re looking to maximize your industrial enterprise, manage frontline warfare or simply have access to a searchable overview of all your assets, all the information you need for advancement, and eventual domination, will now be at your fingertips.

Available information includes your assets with location and item value, market orders, item market prices, wallet transactions, skills, as well as an overview of corporation finances (if you have required roles) to make informed decisions.


The Excel add-in is available right now for free. In Excel desktop or web simply click the “Insert” tab and then the “Get Add-ins" button, and find the EVE Online add-in. If you want to use the web browser version, type “” into your browser address bar and find the add-in in the Microsoft Store. You can download this sample workbook for useful ideas on how you can put the add-in to use. For further information, dive into EVE Academy or the Help Center. The time has come for you to leverage the power of information to dominate in New Eden and become the data driven capsuleer you never knew you needed to be.

Tune into the live stream on CCPTV on 20 June at 20:00 UTC to see what this amazing add-in can do, featuring guests from Microsoft, CCP Convict, CCP Nomad and EVE player Oz.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the beta testers who have given us invaluable feedback on the development of this add-in. The plan is to continue iterating on it as players put its various functionalities to use, and we can’t wait to watch you excel in New Eden.