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While you’ve been away, the world of EVE has continued to change with each and every player interaction. Fleets have formed, alliances have fallen, and the industrial machine rolls ever onwards. An entire universe awaits your return in New Eden, where opportunity lies around every corner. From Enforcers to Industrialists, there’s a new career to explore for everyone in EVE Online. What part will you play next?

Camaraderie and friendships lie at the heart of what makes EVE Online so special. They'll have your back while you're settling back in, and you'll have theirs as you embark together on your next chapter in EVE's epic space opera!

Finding your space legs again

Watch this video to refamiliarise yourself with life in New Eden

  • Introduction
  • 1: Travel In EVE
  • 2: Tanking Changes
  • 3: Damage Changes
  • 4: NPCs
  • 5: Avoiding Easy Tricks
  • 6: Ship & Module Changes
  • 7: Misc. Changes
  • 8: Industry Changes
  • 9: Earning ISK
  • 10: General Advice

Returning players FAQ

My Omega clone state time lapsed while I was away, what happened to my account?

The Alpha and Omega Clone help center article explains what happens when an account reverts back to Alpha state. For further details, check out the Alpha Clones and Omega Clone lapsing - Quick Facts article.

My Character/Assets are stuck in hostile space. Can I do anything to get them moved?

In certain situations, following a player’s absence from the game for several months or longer, you may be able to get some help with your assets. Check out the Inaccessible Assets and Returning Players help center article for more information.

What is “Asset Safety”?

Asset Safety is a game mechanic designed to mitigate the risk of storing your items in a destructible player-owned structure. Asset Safety is automatically triggered when a structure is unanchored or destroyed; you can read the full details of this mechanic in the Asset Safety help center article.

I’m trying to recover my account, but I’m missing some/all of my account details. Can you help me with that?

Most likely! We’re always happy to do some detective work and help you dig up your account info. Contact customer support for assistance, and please be patient – as these requests are handled manually by support staff.

I have other questions related to returning to EVE Online, where should I ask?

Our customer support staff are always happy to answer any questions you might have about returning to New Eden. Contact customer support for any questions you have, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.