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Viridian Expansion - Now Live

2023-06-13 - By EVE Online Team

Viridian Capsuleers,

It’s time to rev up your warp drives because EVE Online's latest expansion, Viridian, is finally here! As one of the two major expansions in 2023, Viridian introduces new tools for capsuleers to manage their corporations and set goals, personalize Upwell structures, and engage in unique combat strategies with brand new lancer dreadnoughts. In addition to bringing stunning visual upgrades, the expansion also creates new avenues for players to forge relationships as they fly together by engaging in socially driven gameplay, all for the glory of their corporations. Will you answer the call and band together with your fellow capsuleers to dominate the cosmos?

Strengthen Your Corporation

Empower your corporation with Viridian's transformative features - designed to streamline leadership, increase engagement, and redefine purpose. Elevate your objectives and track progress with Corporation Projects, discover new ways to aid your corp in the new AIR Opportunities interface, boost your skills and bring on new recruits in Homefront Operations, the new socially engaging adventures, and access new revenue streams to strengthen your corporation. Use the expansion's advanced tools to establish, monitor, and achieve your goals while solidifying your place in EVE Online’s rich, dynamic universe.

A new addition for corporations is the ability to receive income from Loyalty Points, further enhancing the experience of managing and being in a corp. The rate set by the corp for the percentage of ISK it receives from members’ earnings will now be applicable to all activities generating LP as well. This will be another source of revenue for corporations, as the LP can be exchanged for items in LP stores, and those items can then be traded for ISK. Additionally, LP transfers between corporations will be enabled, and this will also act as part of the long-term plan of facilitating more of a free and streamlined economy. Coming soon after the launch of Viridian, corporations within alliances will also be able to donate corporation EverMarks to the executive corporation of the alliance they belong to.

Read more about how Viridian will strengthen your corp in the Viridian in Focus - Enhanced Corporations segment.

Express Your Corporation Identity

Forge an unforgettable brand and let your corporation's legacy soar as EVE’s heraldry journey makes its way to corporations. Master the cutting-edge Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer (SKINR) tool and craft the ultimate visual identity for your Upwell structures. Appoint dedicated brand managers, utilize EverMarks, and choose from an expansive collection of over 90 nanocoatings to leave your rivals in awe. Read more about how Viridian allows you to express your corp identity in the Viridian in Focus - Upwell Structure Personalization segment.

Fly New & Improved Ships

Unleash unparalleled devastation with the extraordinary Tech II lancer dreadnoughts - equipped with innovative area-of-effect disruptive lance weapons to outmaneuver and dominate your opponents. Four unique lancers will be introduced, one for each main empire. Prepare for the mighty Bane, Karura, Hubris, and Valravn lancers, each with their own unique battle strategy and powerful weaponry. These powerful new ships will unlock new tactical possibilities for fleet commanders in lowsec, highsec and nullsec space. So, hone your skills, and unlock new tactical possibilities with these game-changing vessels. You can learn more about these powerful new ships in the Viridian in Focus - Lancer Dreadnoughts segment.

These are not the only ships getting attention in the Viridian expansion. Marauders are seeing an increase in bastion timer and mass, and their e-war resistance bonus removed to create some counter-play opportunities. Specific changes have been made to the Kronos, Vargur, and Paladin, all outlined in the Viridian: Expansion Notes.

Viridian also improves the process of building capital ships, with a suite of changes aimed at alleviating bottlenecks, and streamlining construction to ensure that more ships get built and flown in space! Dreadnoughts and Jump Freighters are particularly affected with a reduction in the bill of materials on those ships making them cheaper to build. Combined with corporation projects and new income streams, the Viridian expansion ensures that the space lanes will be crowded with New Eden's most majestic ships.

Experience New Eden’s Visceral Supremacy

Elevate your gameplay with Viridian's breathtaking visual upgrades, including revamped effects on empire frigates, boasting 68 updated ships with enriched details and seamless consistency across each empire's fleet and an exciting overhaul for marauders, with enhancements to bastion module visuals. With Viridan, missile impact effects will be distinct for different types of missiles, improving gameplay readability and visuals. Furthermore, volumetric clouds now provide a more immersive experience in the gameplay space, with improved cloud visuals and over 20 Homefront Operations site variations. Check out all the stunning visual enhancements coming in the Viridian expansion in the Viridian in Focus - Visceral Supremacy segment.

Join Rewarding Challenges Daily

In celebration of the Viridian expansion, daily challenges have been reinvigorated. Tackle three ambitious tasks every day - such as mining valuable ore, annihilating ruthless NPCs, or hunting elusive drones in Abyssal Deadspace to claim rewards. Conquering each challenge will award Skill Points or EverMarks, allowing you to scale the heights of power and expertise. The daily challenges go live on 14 June, so be sure to dive in then!

Enjoy Free Omega Time

To celebrate the release of the vast new Viridian expansion, all pilots can now claim 7 free days of Omega, by visiting the New Eden Store by 20 June. Omega time gives you unlimited access to a wide range of EVE’s best ships, doubled skill training speed, 10x the number of EverMarks received for completing Paragon missions, and much more. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy a full week for free.

Warp To New Eden

There's no better time to join the fray. Log into EVE Online and experience the Viridian expansion for yourself. Discover new opportunities, embrace new challenges, and make your mark in the galaxy today! For a deeper dive into the new expansion and all the exciting features, be sure to check out this past stream from CCP Burger and CCP Rattati, and if you want even more details, take in the Viridian: Expansion Notes.

Warp to New Eden now, and fly together for the glory of your corporation!