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The Equinox Expansion is Now Live

2024-06-11 - By EVE Online Team
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Aspirational capsuleers,

The rejuvenation of nullsec has begun! New Upwell structures are now available to corporation and alliance leaders, to shape sovereign space in their image, and pilots can fly new defense-capable industrial ships into a new era. Creative capsuleers are empowered to design personalized ship SKINs for themselves or their organization and tackle new and improved goals and Corp Projects. In addition, the biggest update to EVE Vanguard since December is coming in the Solstice event, introducing a new map, weapon modifications, and more. To celebrate the launch of Equinox, all capsuleers can now claim 7 free days of Omega by visiting the New Eden Store (offer available until 20 June).

Seize control as EVE Online: Equinox, the first major expansion of 2024, goes live.

Nullsec Rises

The Equinox expansion will make null security space more meaningful and active, endowed with more customization options for content and activities. Star systems are seeing impactful changes, with planets now being integral to each system's function, dictating their strategic importance.

Equinox empowers capsuleers to shake up the status quo in nullsec with the introduction of major new Upwell structures. The orbital skyhook replaces and retains the customs office's function and enables the extraction of new colony resources. These structures are tempting for the criminal element, introducing a periodic risk of encountering a Pirate Orbital Blockade, which can lead to rewards in ISK as well as enhanced defensive rating for the solar system. Blueprints for the orbital skyhook will be available upon the launch of Equinox.

The sovereignty hub is replacing the territorial claim unit and the infrastructure hub on 20 June, thereby enhancing sovereignty management, upgrade mechanics, and gameplay in capsuleer-controlled systems. Its key feature is sovereignty upgrades, allowing alliances to improve and customize their space by detecting previously undiscovered ores or new, harder combat anomalies. All existing infrastructure hubs will be visually represented by the new sovereignty hub model (including name and description) on expansion day, but the window to transition to the new functionality will start on 20 June and remain open until November.

The expansion introduces three new colony resources: Power, workforce, and reagents. These are required to fuel the various upgrades available to the sovereignty hub, impacting the customization options available in that territory.

Another deployable structure in Equinox is the Metenox moon drill, powered by fuel blocks and reagents. It can be deployed at moons in lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space, and while less efficient than manual extraction, it automatically collects the resources obtained from mining and refining moon ore. Metenox blueprints will be available from 13 June.

You can start building all the sovereignty upgrades as soon as the expansion launches, and the moon drills once the blueprints become available. You will then have a few days to strategize and start gathering reagents, so you can power them up as soon as their respective systems go live. With the Equinox suite, Upwell sets out to redefine the strategic importance of system locations within the universe. It enables capsuleers to shape sovereign space in their image and bring added control to their territories.

Transports with Teeth

The Equinox expansion introduces a formidable lineup of new Upwell industrial ships, enhancing the fleet capabilities of capsuleers venturing into the resource-rich expanses of nullsec.

  • The Squall, a base Tech I hauler.

  • The Deluge, a sleek Tech II blockade runner variation of the Squall.

  • The Torrent, a robust deep space transport.

  • The Avalanche freighter, the largest ship from Upwell.

Each is equipped with a large infrastructure hold, able to store essential items for owning and upgrading sovereign space. Despite their primary role as industrial ships, all four boast considerable missile firepower for their size, to deter potential aggressors keen on plundering their valuable cargo.

New Colors for New Eden

Equinox also brings new hues to New Eden through SKINR for ships, which empowers you to craft your unique identity and make each ship a true statement of expression through the design of unique custom SKINs. The possibilities are vast: from adorning your own ships or strengthening the collective identity of your group to embarking on a new creative career.

Offering a robust palette of design elements as well as extensive customization options, capsuleer creativity will truly explode. With SKINR you can move, rotate, and resize patterns, as well as colorize distinct sections of your ship, ensuring even the smallest tweaks create stunning, unique outcomes.

“This is the beginning of a colorful new era for New Eden,” Paragon’s cybernetic liaison, IRIS, said in an official announcement. She added that you can already acquire colors and patterns in the Paragon Hub to fuel your creations, and on 20 June the Hub will extend to trading sequenced SKINs, giving capsuleers time to craft amazing SKINs to sell.

To celebrate the launch, Paragon will be presenting you with daily gifts for the next 7 days, to get you off to a strong start as SKIN artists. Paragon claim this is just the beginning of SKINR for ships, and that the future is bright for this “suite of innovations that puts the power squarely where it belongs; in your hands.”

Capsuleers are encouraged to promote their designs on social media using the hashtag #SKINRShowdown. Embrace your creativity and watch it soar with SKINR!

Goal by Goal to Domination

Equinox introduces significant enhancements to AIR Daily Goals, adding a monthly reward track to offer more incentives for completing daily activities across all professions. This new addition includes a 12-step progression system where rewards are granted every third step, as well as two new goal types.

Equinox also brings a comprehensive update to the corporation window, with a modern and user-friendly interface. Additionally, three new types of Corporation Projects are introduced: Ship Loss, Earn Loyalty Points, and Salvaging.

Various aspects of ship interactions are being refined to enhance the overall experience for capsuleers and make New Eden’s vessels and the requirements for flying them easier to understand. When you meet the requirements to activate a new ship, you will receive a notification and can navigate to the ship tree, where unlocked ships will be highlighted. The new additions make skill training and hangar management easier and more accessible than ever before.

Epic New Era for EVE Vanguard

This month will see the biggest update to EVE Vanguard since launch, with the Solstice event, running from 20 June-1 July, introducing major improvements and new content. The new additions include a brand-new map, new objectives and activities including shield-protected vaults full of loot, a mining tether to facilitate resource discovery, proximity mines, and more. You will also get your hands on weapon modifications, an exciting, newly introduced feature. Furthermore, modifications and certain inventory items will be persistent across sessions, meaning you can bring your arsenal back with you, as long as you extract it successfully.

Since December, Vanguard warclones have been taking to planet surfaces in New Eden to duke it out in human-scale combat. Monthly playtests for Founders have been instrumental in informing improvements and changes to the game, which is still in early development with the help of the player community and those who have been active on the First Strike journey can look forward to epic rewards.

The Solstice event is available to everyone with Omega status. For those eager to participate in the event and witness the exciting updates to Vanguard, you can take advantage of 7 days Omega time for free, if you claim it no later than 20 June, or purchase the Warclone Omega bundle between 20 June and 1 July.

Carrier Revolution

Equinox introduces a revolution in fleet dynamics as carriers are now empowered with the conduit jump capability, allowing them to transport up to 30 subcapital ships directly into battle. This enables smaller alliances to mobilize forces swiftly and engage in strategic maneuvers previously reserved for larger entities with titans.

In addition, carriers can now equip micro jump drives and capital micro jump field generators. These tools enhance battlefield control, offering the ability to reposition fleets and disrupt enemy formations with unprecedented precision. Whether you're leading a daring strike or providing critical support, the revamped carrier capabilities are designed to redefine your strategic gameplay and elevate your role in New Eden's vast conflicts.

Alongside this, twelve new faction light and support fighters have been introduced. Navy faction fighters are significantly more resilient than Tech I and Tech II fighters, and can withstand much more, but it comes at the expense of firepower and strength in electronic warfare, both of which are slightly lower than for their Tech II counterparts. Blueprint copies for the new fighters are available exclusively in empire Factional Warfare militia LP stores.

Embrace the Thrill

As mentioned in the Directors’ Stream, New Eden continues to evolve with player-centric updates, bringing more rewards and risks to those who take on the challenge of Agency sites in Pochven. Incursions have gotten significant updates, with increased preparation time for combat, safer travel, and bounties to provide incentive for destruction. Furthermore, Homefront operations have been enhanced to help prevent griefing. More information about these exciting updates can be found here.

Manufacturing Enhancements

Also mentioned in the Directors’ Stream, further changes are coming to the manufacturing landscape, making it more attractive for industrious pilots. Build materials are being reduced for certain projects, meaning faster and more efficient production, a new skill requirement for Genetic Mutation Inhibitors adds depth to the crafting process, and Loyalty Point (LP) stores will now offer ship blueprints exclusively, fostering a thriving manufacturing economy. These updates not only enhance the allure of production but also encourage players to become master craftsmen, driving the market and the universe of New Eden forward. More information about these exciting updates can be found here.

Stunning Destruction

All New Eden planets have received a visual overhaul, with new high-resolution textures and enhanced shaders, adding more vibrancy, variation and detail. Bomb effects have also been updated to look more modern and have a bigger visual impact, making them feel more powerful and visceral than ever before. Distinct effects for different bomb types also improve gameplay readability and immersion. Destruction in New Eden has never been more stunning!

Stay Tuned for Twitch Drops

As you venture into a rejuvenated nullsec, start a new career as a SKIN designer, set new and lofty goals, or all of the above, be sure to keep your eye on CCP TV for amazing Twitch drops, full of goodies to make your adventures more fruitful. Some of the treats you can expect to drop are EverMarks, SKINR design elements, so stay tuned.

Enjoy Free Omega Time

To celebrate the launch of Equinox, all capsuleers can now claim 7 free days of Omega by visiting the New Eden Store (offer available until 20 June). Omega status unlocks access to EVE’s best ships, doubled skill training speed, the ability to sequence SKINs for Omega only ships, more rewards as you complete Daily Goals and Paragon missions and much more. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy a full week for free.

Omega status also grants access to EVE Vanguard’s Solstice event, so make sure you claim your 7 free days before it starts, on 20 June, to take full advantage.

Seize the Dream with Great Offers

To make the most of the Equinox expansion, seize the new Equinox Era pack. It includes 14 days Omega, 50 PLEX, one Standard “Boost” Cerebral Accelerator, one Core Ship Operations Expert System, and some limited design elements for the new SKINR for ships. This pack is only available until 20 June, so act fast!

Warp to the EVE Store

Seize Control

Equinox allows you to seize control of sovereign space and shape it according to your dreams. New Eden is ready and waiting for your creativity to influence its next era. We encourage you to join the player discussion about the expansion on the EVE Online Discord and the EVE Online Forums.

If you want to get more granular and unearth even more information about the innovations that Equinox brings, check the patch notes and immerse yourself in the details.

We look forward to seeing you shape New Eden to your image. See you in space.