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Thrilling Dynamics: New Equinox Details

2024-06-08 - By EVE Online Team
Embrace the Thrill  Master the Art of ProductionThe Almighty BooshStunning Visual EnhancementsGet Ready for Equinox

Thrilling capsuleers, 

The Equinox expansion is only days away, and new additions are still being announced, the latest including new fleet dynamics, visual enhancements, balance updates, and more. These were among the exciting topics discussed in the recent Directors’ Chat, where CCP Burger and CCP Rattati and guests went over some of the things to look forward to when the expansion launches on 11 June, read on for exciting, previously unannounced news or more details read the in-depth patch notes

Embrace the Thrill 

New Eden continues to evolve with updates that bring more rewards and risks to daring capsuleers. In Pochven, some community-requested quality-of-life changes have been made to the Observatory Flashpoints, while changes to Incursions provide ample time to prepare and engage in combat. The Triglavian Collective now targets only pilots with negative standings in minor victory systems, making travel safer for most while maintaining the thrill of combat for the brave. 

Homefront operations have been enhanced to foster balanced competitive gameplay. The first pilot to activate the acceleration gate claims ownership, forcing others outside their fleet to face a suspect timer and additional risks. Empire faction cruisers are now barred from gate access, and the payouts have been adjusted to promote more group activity. 

Wormhole space also sees significant changes in class 5 and class 6 cosmic anomalies and signatures. Escalation waves will now despawn if capital ships leave the site or stray beyond 100km of the warp-in point, meaning that they must remain on the field to trigger valuable drifter escalations, thus adding an element of risk for greater rewards. This update brings back the excitement of capital ship engagements, reminiscent of the early days when these sites required capitals to run effectively. Capsuleers can now choose their level of risk, with rewards scaling accordingly, promoting more dynamic and thrilling encounters in wormhole space. 

Master the Art of Production

Manufacturing will also see significant improvements. Reductions in build materials for Vendetta and Vehement ships, the CRAB beacon, and Tech II capital guns make production faster and more efficient. Genetic Mutation Inhibitors will get a new skill point requirement, Mutagenic Stabilization, which makes its build time closer to that of other components and adds new depth to the crafting process. Ship blueprints will now be exclusively available from Loyalty Point (LP) stores, promoting a thriving manufacturing economy and encouraging capsuleers to become master craftsmen, driving the market and the universe of New Eden forward. Furthermore, Neurolink Conduits will no longer be required for pirate ship blueprints and replaced with new materials that will be available in relevant Pirate LP Stores. 

The Almighty Boosh

Since the Uprising expansion, the capital meta has been looking ever healthier, with dread brawls becoming more and more common, specifically in lowsec. There is great interest in making sure that the capital meta continues to evolve, giving you new tools, new tactics, and new challenges to master. Equinox is all about adding new dimensions to space, making it logical to add a new dimension to capital warfare. 

Carriers will now be able to fit a pair of new modules: the Capital Micro Jump Field Generator (CMJFG) and the Capital Micro Jump Drive. These modules have a whopping 250km of range, allowing carriers to dictate the breadth of the battlefield. The CMJFG will be able to move 50 subcapital ships and 4 capital ships within a system - and yes, that includes capitals in siege/triage. Additionally, Equinox introduces conduit jumping for carriers, empowering them to transport up to 30 subcapital ships between systems, directly into the heat of battle. This game-changing feature will enable smaller alliances to swiftly mobilize their forces and execute strategic maneuvers previously reserved for larger entities equipped with titans. 

To ensure that carriers have a role outside of the large set-piece battles, they’ll also have a new innate ability: conduit jumping. With new objectives in space for the nomadic and raiding playstyles, the aim is to ensure that groups have more tools at their disposal. While fielding a carrier is a significant step up from a black-ops drop, the variety of doctrine choices – along with the new CMJFGs – will be a powerful new tool. 

Accompanying these changes are twelve new faction light and support fighters, each boasting significant resilience compared to their Tech I and Tech II counterparts. These fighters trade off some firepower and electronic warfare strength for durability, providing new tactical options for capsuleers. Blueprint copies for these new fighters are now available exclusively in empire Factional Warfare militia LP stores. 

As the prevalence of navy dreadnoughts has increased, their enhanced durability posed a challenge for Titans to maintain their battlefield dominance. To ensure that Titans remain potent threats, capable of countering the sturdier navy dreadnoughts, the Doomsday weapons on Titans have been enhanced, now dealing a formidable 3 million damage with max skills.  

Stunning Visual Enhancements

The expansion will significantly upgrade New Eden's visual experience. All planets are getting new stunning high-resolution textures, enhanced shaders, and dynamic elements that bring them to life like never before. Upwell Citadels, including Athanor, Tatara, Raitaru, Azbel, and Sotiyo, will see lighting overhauls to enhance their visual appeal. Bomb effects will also receive updates, delivering a more modern and impactful visual representation that will enhance gameplay readability and immersion. Distinct effects for different bomb types ensure that every explosion is not only powerful but also visually informative. Did someone fire off the wrong type of bomb? Now it’ll be easier to tell who to blame! 

This update brings a new level of detail and vibrancy to the universe, making every corner of New Eden more captivating and immersive. 

Get Ready for Equinox

A new era for New Eden is dawning with Equinox, now mere days away. The expansion promises to transform the cluster, offering thrilling new challenges, customization options, breathtaking visuals, and strategic opportunities for all capsuleers. Get ready to seize control on 11 June!