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Equinox - coming on YC 126.06.11


The Interplanetary Media Network has been monitoring reports of a number of major new technologies that could change life in nullsec space forever, as well as the rest of the New Eden cluster.

In what they term “a monumental stride toward the future of space colonization and infrastructure development,” the Upwell Consortium has officially announced the forthcoming deployment of Equinox, a comprehensive suite of solutions that promises to revolutionize life in null security space. This seminal set of innovative products allows enterprising nullsec organizations to harness and manipulate new resources from planets, customize their space, and gain access to a highly skilled and efficient workforce, as well as new passive income opportunities. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, though, as Upwell, Paragon, and AIR have unveiled multiple further innovations coming to New Eden on YC 126.06.11, as detailed here.

In addition, reports indicate plans for a Vanguard test deployment to a new kind of environment. This operation will introduce new adaptive weaponry to ground combat, as well as disruptive new contracts, and more. The test is scheduled for YC 126.06.20 and expected to last until YC 126.07.01.


Capsuleers from all over New Eden have been investigating a new Upwell prototyping facility under construction in the Auviken system. Many pilots chose to contribute to the development of the structure, although its purpose was surrounded by secrecy. Upwell has now revealed that the structure was a prototype orbital skyhook, one of a line of advanced colonization structures being made available to capsuleers with the launch of the Equinox suite on YC 126.06.11.

Central to Equinox is the orbital skyhook, an advanced form of skyhook that will allow more efficient planet-to-space transfers than ever before. Anchored in orbit of planets within sovereign nullsec space, these structures will provide access to power, workforce, and reagents necessary for the empire-building aspirations of nullsec leaders.

In addition to the planetary harvesting capabilities of the skyhook, Equinox also introduces the Metenox Moon Drill, an automated resource extraction structure allowing organizations in nullsec and lowsec to streamline in-system operations and focus on expansion and strategy, rather than manual harvesting.

Yet another revolutionary installation is the sovereignty hub, set to replace the infrastructure hub and territorial claim unit, promising to become a new cornerstone of territorial dominance. With upgradeable options depending on the star system's topology and the planets within, it offers a nuanced approach to sovereignty that reflects each star system's physical characteristics, as well as the goals and strategic leanings of the territory owners. For instance, certain upgrades allow the discovery of previously undetectable ore, while others will assist in the detection of the most impactful pirate targets, and more. This new technology revolutionizes how planetary resources are harnessed, making it more strategic than ever before, reducing manufacturing bottlenecks, and giving capsuleers unprecedented control over their star systems, akin to having the power to shape space to their whim.

Ownership of these new structures can determine control over the valuable resources of a system, making them prized assets that rival factions can contest. Upwell has been quick to dismiss warnings that their introduction could spark a wave of conflicts as capsuleers compete for dominance in nullsec space.

Concerns have been raised that the capabilities of these new Upwell structures to locate and extract more valuable resources than previously accessible in nullsec space could lead to increased and more dangerous pirate activity in the vicinity. While hesitant to address these concerns directly, Upwell has assured potential clients that the structures are resilient and robust, but has declined to comment on speculation that high profile pirate leaders might be drawn out of hiding.

Another integral part of the Equinox suite is the introduction of four new ships, capable of hauling all kinds of infrastructure items but specialized in the transport of planetary resources, underscoring Upwell’s commitment to revolutionizing nullsec operations. Tailored to navigate the new dynamics of resource harvesting and sovereignty, these vessels will bolster the capabilities of capsuleers in this new era of space colonization.

Upwell has also introduced a scientific milestone in cloning technology, representing a paradigm shift in how populations can be mobilized and utilized across the vastness of space, and empowering nullsec corporations with access to a highly skilled workforce.

According to an Upwell spokesperson, the Equinox suite marks just the beginning of a new age of unprecedented capsuleer control over sovereign nullsec space – the first step in a broader vision for this vast region with endless possibilities, and more developments on the horizon. “This is just the start,” assures the spokesperson, setting the stage for ongoing evolution and expansion.


To many capsuleers, identity and legacy are just as critical as firepower and strategy. Following closely on the heels of Upwell’s announcements, Paragon has revealed a groundbreaking expansion to the SKINR platform and starting on YC 126.06.11 it can be used to personalize ships. This ambitious project empowers creative capsuleers to design and sequence their own ship SKINs, express their unique style, and explore a new career path. Furthermore, capsuleers can strengthen their corporation’s identity by designing and mass sequencing uniform SKINs for their corpmates. Through SKINR, the art of war takes on a new hue, allowing for unparalleled expression of identity in the theater of space.

The interface introduces a robust palette of design elements, consisting of basic and metallic nanocoatings as well as patterns, alongside five customization slots for each SKIN design, four for nanocoatings, and one for patterns. Paragon will supply all capsuleers with a certain number of elements for their creations, but more can be acquired through the new Paragon Hub, and around New Eden. Designers can save their creations, showcase their artistry on their own ships, supply their corporation with unique SKINs, or even profit from sequencing and selling them to other pilots, for either ISK or PLEX. “We are proud to unlock the imaginative potential of New Eden's capsuleers,” says IRIS, Paragon's capsuleer liaison. “By opening up further possibilities for talented designers, Paragon is empowering capsuleers to fly their true flags, making every encounter a statement of identity.”


In their ongoing research and development efforts, AIR Technologies has announced upcoming enhancements to the AIR Daily Goals system with the introduction of a long-term, monthly goal track. From combat to exploration, trading to manufacturing, the Daily Goals offer challenges designed to be both accessible and rewarding, incentivizing capsuleers while they support AIR’s cutting-edge research.

The monthly track further diversifies the engagement options available. With separate rewards for Alpha and Omega pilots, the system is designed to encourage regular participation, offering tangible rewards that scale with commitment and achievement.

Furthermore, to bolster the cohesion and operational efficiency of corporations, AIR has partnered with CONCORD and the SOCT to implement substantial upgrades to the corporation interface, and corporation projects. These enhancements will make it easier than ever for corporation leaders to mobilize their members through corporation projects. Leaders can now boost member engagement and further their corporation’s goals through more diverse means than ever before, including automation of ship replacement programs and rewarding new types of activities, such as earning Loyalty Points, and salvaging wrecks.

The corporation management interface has been meticulously redesigned for enhanced usability. With intuitive navigation, detailed icons and tooltips for every segment, the revamped interface simplifies the management of roles and tasks, improving the experience for leaders and corp members alike. These enhancements not only make navigation through corporation content simpler but set the stage for future expansion and functionality.


In an attempt to sow chaos in New Eden through ground warfare, the Deathless Circle has contracted and deployed legions of Vanguard, a new generation of warclones, in multiple operations on planets. Rumors out of Zarzakh warn us that new theaters of war are set to be deployed on YC 126.04.25 and again about a month later.

In a major Vanguard deployment from YC 126.06.20-YC 126.07.01, warclones will be asked to face brand new challenges, focused on deeper espionage, asset recovery, and direct engagement with enemy factions. Most notably, this operation will include expanded environmental parameters for the Vanguard, who be deployed to a planet the Deathless Circle has previously left untouched. While the exact location is being kept secret, sources indicate that the Deathless appears to be targeting ruins of a provisional facility on an archipelago amongst polluted waters, seemingly to pick through the pieces of the wreck.

Deathless communications intercepted by IMN indicate further upgrades to the Vanguard’s deadly capabilities, with the introduction of adaptive weaponry. Warclones thereby gain the ability to modify their instruments of destruction, and to bring items and fittings in and out of combat and re-equipping for subsequent deployments. These technological advancements increase their combat effectiveness and open new strategies for capsuleers and factional militias to contract Vanguard warclones in their ongoing conflicts.


The upcoming launch of Equinox heralds a new era for New Eden’s most ambitious denizens. From strategic manipulation of nullsec space to the personal expression afforded by SKINR, from the daily goals fostering capsuleer growth and engagement to the operations of fearsome Vanguard, there has never been a better time to seize the dream of greatness and seize control of your destiny.