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Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you

2017-08-24 - By Team Five 0

Greetings capsuleers!

As outlined in the last devblog about the changes to moon mining and further details about the Refinery structures coming this winter to EVE Online, we in Team Five-0 are happy to now bring you details about the changes that will be happening to Reactions in all their forms. 

Reactions are the industrial activity that turns moon materials into more advanced materials that can be used for a number of advanced industries, such as creating Boosters or Tech II ammunition, modules and ships. Currently, there are five different types of Reactions; each requiring a different type of module in a POS Array.

The current schema will end with the winter release. Instead, Reactions will become EXCLUSIVE to Refineries, in both the Athanor (Medium Refinery) and the Tatara (Large Refinery). Reaction activity will be tied to Service Modules which can be fitted to either of these structures and will act just like other Upwell Services. 

New Reactions Service Modules 

Three types of Service Modules for Reactions will be introduced, substituting five modules from Starbases (POSes)

  1. Standup Composite Reactor I performs both Simple and Advanced Reactions (Tech 2)
  2. Standup Biochemical Reactor I performs both Biochemical and Medium Biochemical Reactions (Boosters)
  3. Standup Hybrid Reactor I performs Hybrid Reactions (Tech 3)

Service Modules require fuel to online and to run (like any other Structure Service Module)

New Reactions Rigs

Alongside the new Reactions Service Modules will be Reactions Rigs, designed to affect the duration and efficiency of running Reactions in the new Refineries. These rigs are size specific (either Medium or Large) and follow the same fitting rules as other Upwell Structure rigs. They will affect Efficiency (material efficiency of reactions) or Time (duration of reaction process). Medium Rigs will improve one variable and Large Rigs will improve both variables.

Introducing Reaction Formulas

When a Reaction Service Module is fitted and onlined in a Refinery, it will make the service available in the Industry window. Reactions will use Reaction Formulas, similar to other Industrial activities which use blueprints. These will act the same way as Blueprint Originals (BPOs) in that they have infinite runs but they cannot be researched or copied.

After the Winter release date, Reactions will work like other Industrial activities: X amount of resources, processed alongside a Reaction Formula, provide Y amount of product.

In this new system, Reaction jobs will need to be set up and started like other Industry jobs. Although Reaction Formulas have an infinite number of runs (like BPOs), they will need to be set for a limited amount of runs, based on the Input resources available. As with other Upwell Services, the job will be paused if the Service Module is offlined either through loss of fuel or going into an Armor Reinforced state, but the job will resume when the module is onlined again. Unfitting or destroying the Service Module will cancel all Reaction jobs that are running. 

New Reactions System Cost Index

Reaction jobs will contribute to their own System Cost Index when calculating the cost of installing the job. This System Cost Index will use the same formula as current industrial activities:


Reactions in Refineries can be taxed by the owners of the structure, and the level of tax will be defined by them through Access Control Lists. This tax is independent of other activities being performed in the Refinery.

**New Reactions Skills **

All characters will be able to run Reactions, including those in an Alpha state, but only Omega pilots will be able to improve their operating efficiency in this area. New skills that determine their ability to run Reactions efficiently and effectively will be introduced prior to the Winter release, to allow pilots time to train them up in time. The effects of these skills are exclusive to Reaction activities. They will not affect a character's ability to perform other industrial activities such as Manufacturing or Invention, and other Industry skills will not affect their Reaction activity.

  • Reactions: Speeds up reaction jobs by 4% per level
  • Mass Reactions: Allows one additional Reaction job per character per level
  • Advanced Mass Reactions: Allows one additional Reaction job per character per level
  • Remote Reactions: Each level increases the distance at which Reaction jobs can be started. Level 1 allows for jobs at a range within 5 jumps, and each subsequent level adds 5 more jumps to the range, with a maximum of a 25-jump range

Release Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will happen to my current Reaction jobs at Downtime on Release Day?

A: They will continue to run until Downtime on Release Day, but will be stopped at this point. They will not be able to be restarted in a POS array.

Q: What will happen to my current POS array?

A: POS Reactor arrays will remain anchored in space but will be offline after the Release. Your Reactor Arrays will not be able to be onlined again. No new arrays will be able to be manufactured and no new arrays can be anchored. Any jobs to manufacture arrays that are running at the time of the release will continue to run (will not be paused or cancelled) and the arrays will be delivered to the manufacturer once the job has completed. It will not be possible to anchor or online these arrays.

Q: What do you plan to do with this defunct equipment in the future?

A: As we have done previously, a compensation plan will be put in place in the future to reimburse the investment capsuleers have put into this equipment.

That's all for now. Be sure to add your feedback to the Comments section of this devblog. Fly safe!

-Team Five-0