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Siege Green

2022-04-13 - By EVE Online Team

Capital Capsuleers,

A new update is now available to test on the Singularity test server bringing sweeping changes that are sure to shake the landscape of capital combat and structure defense.

For starters, the blueprints of industry components used to manufacture battleships, capitals, and supercapitals will be adjusted to lower manufacturing times and costs. Dreadnoughts, in particular, will see their costs become significantly cheaper, giving you more chances to use them in space without as much impact on your wallet.

You can find all the juicy details on the EVE forums so head over and check them out, provide your feedback, and join the conversation!

After you’ve built your brand-new ship, you’re going to want a SKIN for it. Be sure to browse the New Eden Store as a plethora of cosmetics will be returning for battleships and capitals. You can get your hands on SKINs such as Raata Sunset, Ghostbird, Glittering Dream, Lavacore, and more from 14 April.

Further updates to Structures

In addition to blueprint tweaks, Upwell structures will be receiving significant changes to reinforcement mechanics and timers as follows:

  • All Upwell structures will have their shield damage cap removed. (Armor and hull damage caps remain in place)
  • Medium structures will have their hull reinforcement timer removed.
  • +100% to medium structure shield hitpoints.
  • +25% to large and extra-large structure shield hitpoints.
  • -75% hull hitpoints for medium structures.

These changes are aimed at creating more interesting gameplay around attacking and defending medium structures such as an Athanor or Astrahus. Groups making use of Upwell structures will need to be more strategic in their placement and will be under more pressure to valiantly defend against attackers.

Removing the shield damage cap from all Upwell structures will help quicken the pace towards more meaningful content rather than an uneventful shield bash. Additionally, following on from recent updates to structures, this will help return the role of structure bashing to dreads without locking them in for six siege cycles.

By removing the medium structure hull reinforcement timer, armor reinforcement becomes the only timer. Accordingly, medium armor timers will now obey the following schedule:

  • Highsec: 4.5 days ± 3 hours
  • Lowsec & Nullsec: 2.5 days ± 3 hours
  • Wormholes & Pochven: 1.5 days ± 3 hours
  • War HQ: 24 hours

After this, you will be able to bash both armor and hull in succession. This means that if you want to defend your medium structure then you must do so on the armor timer as there will not be a second chance.

Low power structures will still retain their single armor timer, similar to full power structures. Remember, though, that if left low power for a week then it will enter an abandoned state!

With the structure updates now available to test and more still to come, this is the perfect time to begin scheming and planning your carnage. And with the capital blueprint changes, dreadnought pilots can siege green while being safe in the knowledge that the wheels of industry have their back. So, get out there and bring on the wrecking machine!