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Harvest and harness the building blocks of the universe and shape them into ships, weapons, and cities in space


Every ship, module, or round of ammunition used in EVE is a product of the dedicated work of other Capsuleers, participating in the supply chain of a vibrant and unrestrained economic system – and each step of the production process provides its own opportunity for pilots to pursue a profit.

Certified skill plan



Certified skill plan



Certified skill plan



Certified skill plan






Tech 3 Production


Capital Ship Construction


Booster Manufacturing


Structure Production

Fits to fly

Getting started in Industry, similar to any other profession, will require ships to undock with. Your starting Venture available through the Career Agents can be a good option at first, though you may soon find yourself wanting to upgrade to a Mining Barge to mine ore much faster. You can easily visualize this pathway on the in-game Ship Tree. Fitting your mining ships with a shield tank may also help keep you safe from roaming NPC pirates or other players trying to blast through your hull before CONCORD can arrive to save your ship. The same holds true for any industrial hauler that you might use; some players may attempt to quickly kill you for your expensive cargo, despite losing their own ship in the process. New Eden can be harsh, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared.

The most basic modules to be aware of for mining purposes are Mining Lasers, Mining Laser Upgrades, and Survey Scanners. Banding together with other Capsuleers could also mean making good use of Mining Command Bursts to improve the potency of your lasers.

Interested in Industry? Start with the Venture the move on to the Procurer, or use an Iteron Mark V to haul with.

Skills to survive

Opening the skills window of a new character can be challenging, more so when looking over the vast selection of Industry skills available. This is due to EVE's industry being broken down into several key categories:

  • Resource Processing - The mining and processing of ore, ice, and gas in addition to salvaging.
  • Planet Management - Extracting and processing materials on the surfaces of planets.
  • Science - Researching and inventing blueprints to improve their efficiency or create T2 modules.
  • Production - The process of building a ship or module using gathered minerals.
  • Trade - Buying and selling larger amounts of goods with reduced taxes.

Most of the skills found in each of these categories are very specialized. They relate to the processing of specific ores or the invention of specific technologies. The best thing a new pilot can do, however, is to start with a certified Skill Plan in-game. Visit the skills panel from the top left of your Neocom to pick from several curated Plans. You can automatically insert those skills into your training queue and get a head start as an Industrialist! From there, it is easy to focus on particular ores or technologies that you know you plan to work with.

Spaceship Command, Drone, Shield, and Navigation skills can also be extremely effective in helping you fly your industrial ships safely. This is in addition to the Magic 14 which will help round out any ship you choose to fly.

Key Industrial Skills

  • Mining Frigate - Allows the use of mining frigates such as the Venture.
  • Mining Barge - The cruiser-sized upgrade to a mining frigate.
  • Mining - A basic skill that increases mining yield.
  • Racial Industrial - Training an industrial ship will allow you to haul large amounts of goods.
  • Industry - Allows the operation of manufacturing facilities and speeds up production.
  • Reprocessing - Increases the quantity of minerals gained when reprocessing ores.
  • Science - Basic skill, improves the speed of blueprint copying.

Useful Industrial Support Skills

  • Astrogeology - Improves Mining Turret yield.
  • Laboratory Operation - Increases the number of research jobs that can be run at once.
  • Mass Production - Increases the number of factory jobs that can be run at once.
  • Trade - Increases the amount of buy and sell orders you can place.
  • Research - Improves the speed of researching blueprint Time Efficiency.
  • Metallurgy - Improves the speed of researching blueprint Material Efficiency.
  • Broker Relations & Accounting - Two skills that reduce taxes when selling goods.

Additional Tutorials

If you're hungry for more then these videos and resources should fill in any gaps.

Prosper in the Air Career Program

Take your first steps with purpose in the Air Career Program. With the support of both other players and tailored training content, you’ll get the best start possible in New Eden. The ACP will offer you missions and goals based on your chosen profession with generous rewards available for your efforts. You’ll find goals from the ACP below as well as other objectives to pursue in New Eden. When you’re ready, jump into EVE, open the ACP from your Neocom, and try out the Air Career Program today!

Low Risk

  • Mine 4,000 units of Kernite
  • Reprocess units 4000 of Kernite
  • Invent a T2 module from a blueprint copy
  • Transform P0 goods into P1 using Planetary Industry

Medium Risk

  • Mine 4,000 units of Kernite
  • Reprocess units 4000 of Kernite
  • Invent a T2 module from a blueprint copy
  • Transform P0 goods into P1 using Planetary Industry

High Risk

  • Use Gas Harvesters to collect from a wormhole space gas cloud
  • Get involved in Deep Core mining to mine Mercoxit
  • Build a Frigate entirely using minerals you have harvested
  • Raise your corporate standings and skills to reduce market taxes

Featured videos

  • Industrialist

    Basic Production

    Blueprints come in two variants, originals and their copies. Many of the Tech 1 (basic technology) blueprint originals can be purchased on the market from NPC sell orders depending on the region you are in. The blueprint window will then show you the materials required and the time that it will take to create that specific item. You can start this process by placing the blueprint into the Industry window and selecting one of several jobs: manufacturing will create the item if you have the materials, copying will produce a limited copy for invention or production elsewhere, and research will either reduce the manufacturing time (Time Efficiency) or lower the amount of materials required (Material Efficiency). These science and manufacturing jobs will, however, take up build slots, limiting the number of jobs that a Capsuleer can have running at once.

    Community Resources

    Ready to move on? The resources below have all been created by Capsuleers in the EVE Online community. They're available in almost any format you can choose to learn in the way that suits you best.