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Soldier of Fortune

Delve Right Into the Most Dangerous Places In New Eden and Come Out Swinging


Pilots motivated by the thrill of combat against other capsuleers will find ample opportunities for battle. From Faction Militia warfare, to ambushes, to hunting in covert ships, providing support, or engaging in huge battles involving thousands of Capsuleers, those willing to prowl the lawless regions beyond High-Security space will always be able to find the action they desire.

Certified Skill Plan

Soldier of Fortune

Militia Fighter

Certified Skill Plan

Soldier of Fortune


Soldier of Fortune

Fleet Support Roles

Soldier of Fortune


Soldier of Fortune

Black Ops & Covert Ops

Soldier of Fortune

Capital Ships

Fits to fly

The fits needed outside of Highsec are, most of the time, going to share some similarities to what Security missions and combat anomalies require. The exception being that during PvP, your target can warp off at any time. To secure a kill on another player and take their loot, you will need to fit either a Warp Disruptor or Warp Scrambler (commonly referred to as point and scram, respectively). The former will simply prevent them from warping and the latter will turn off Microwarpdrives, too. Either can be used in conjunction with other propulsion jamming equipment such as Stasis Webifiers or Grapplers to hold someone in place while your guns work through their shields.

Speaking of weapon choice, just about anything is viable as long as you build your ship around it. Getting up close and brawling with blasters or autocannons can be just as effective as kiting at distance with long-range missiles and drones. The key will be to match your turrets or missiles to use the bonuses of the ship you're flying, seen in the Show Info window. If your chosen weapons show an optimal range of below 10km then a Microwarpdrive, scram, and web would make for a great combo. Range control is vital and sometimes can be all you need to earn the kill.

As for the choice of defensive modules, pilots prepared for PvP situations may choose to load as much shield or armor buffer as they can with Shield Extenders, Armor Plates, and a variety of resist modules. This is due to PvP combat often lasting only a few minutes; having a larger tank will often be more helpful than a small amount of shield or armor repair over time. You can always dock up and repair once the fight is over. Fancy flying something bigger? Start planning your next fit and check out the in-game Ship Tree to see pathways to every available ship in New Eden.

As a Soldier of Fortune, you should start with a combat frigate such as a Rifter, Punisher, Incursus, or Merlin.

Skills to survive

As with fits, many of the skills needed to thrive in lawless Low and Nullsec regions are primarily combat-based. Having the Magic 14 trained to a level three or four and some weapon skills will be a good start, but specializing early will be essential for maximizing your efficacy in solo or fleet fights.

Many new player friendly corporations will offer their recruits a handy Skill Plan. If you’ve not yet found a corp you can always start with the Certified Skill Plans to get the basics combat skills you need. Simply visit the skills panel from the top left of your Neocom, select Soldier of Fortune, then pick the race of ships that you wish to train for.

Damage Dealer (Turrets)

  • Any Racial Frigate or Destroyer - Allows effective use of DPS ship bonuses
  • Small Projectile/Hybrid/Energy Turret - Increases damage with various turrets
  • Gunnery - Increases turret rate of fire
  • Rapid Firing - Increases rate of fire by a larger amount
  • Surgical Strike - Increases turret damage
  • Motion Prediction - Increases turret tracking speed
  • Sharpshooter - Increases turret optimal range
  • Trajectory Analysis - Increases turret falloff range

Damage Dealer (Missiles)

  • Caldari Frigate and Destroyer - Allows use of ships specialized in missiles
  • Light Missiles - Increases damage with long-range Light Missiles
  • Rockets - Increases damage with short-range Rockets
  • Missile Launcher Operation - Increases missile launcher rate of fire
  • Rapid Launch - Increases rate of fire by a larger amount
  • Warhead Upgrades - Increases missile damage
  • Target Navigation Prediction - Improves missile ability to hit fast targets
  • Guided Missile Precision - Improves missile ability to hit small targets
  • Missile Projection - Increases missile range by making them faster
  • Missile Bombardment - Increases missile range by giving them a longer flight time

Fast Tackler

  • Any Racial Frigate - Allows use of tackle frigates
  • Propulsion Jamming - Reduce capacitor use of tackle modules
  • Acceleration Control - Increases the speed boost of Afterburners and Microwarpdrives
  • High Speed Maneuvering - Reduces Microwarpdrive capacitor use
  • Spaceship Command - Improves ship agility
  • Evasive Maneuvering - Improves ship agility by a larger amount
  • Navigation - Increases the base speed of ships

Electronic Warfare Specialist

  • Any Racial Frigate - To make good use of each race's electronic warfare frigate
  • Long Range Targeting - Increases lock range
  • Target Management - Increases the number of lockable targets at once
  • Electronic Warfare - Allows use of ECM modules to disrupt hostile locks
  • Sensor Linking - Allows use of Remote Sensor Dampeners to reduce hostile lock range and speed
  • Weapon Disruption - Allows use of Tracking and Guidance Disruptors to reduce incoming damage
  • Target Painting - Allows use of Target Painters to increase the signature size of hostile ships
  • Frequency Modulation - Improves the range of EWAR modules

Additional Tutorials

If you're hungry for more then these videos and resources should fill in any gaps.

Prosper in the Air Career Program

Take your first steps with purpose in the Air Career Program. With the support of both other players and tailored training content, you’ll get the best start possible in New Eden. The ACP will offer you missions and goals based on your chosen profession with generous rewards available for your efforts. You’ll find goals from the ACP below as well as other objectives to pursue in New Eden. When you’re ready, jump into EVE, open the ACP from your Neocom, and try out the Air Career Program today!

Low Risk

  • Fit your ship with a Stasis Webifier and Warp Scrambler
  • Insure your ship from inside a station
  • Jump into Lowsec space with a PvP fit ship
  • Enlist in Faction Warfare

Medium Risk

  • Webify 5 enemy ships
  • Target Paint 5 Capsuleer ships
  • Warp Distrupt 5 Capsuleer ships
  • Kill 75 enemies with a Frigate

High Risk

  • Deliver the final blow to 2 Capsuleer's Ships
  • Drain 50GJ of energy
  • Join Faction Warfare
  • Lose 1 Ship

Featured videos

  • Soldier of Fortune

    Finding a Mentor

    Becoming a threatening solo pirate takes time and skill. Knowing your enemy and learning how to counter them can often be more important than skills or the ship you want to fly. A great way to set off right as a new player looking to jump into PvP is to search for a mentor. This can mean joining a Lowsec or Nullsec training corporation or even just messaging the pilot who most recently killed you. Taking every ship loss as a chance to learn will be beneficial to your growth as a pilot, or perhaps a pirate! If you're stuck for choice when it comes to finding a corp, then check out the Community Resources section at the bottom of this page for some great new player-friendly options.

    Community Resources

    Ready to move on? The resources below have all been created by Capsuleers in the EVE Online community. They're available in almost any format you can choose to learn in the way that suits you best.