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Uprising – Expansion Now Live!

2022-11-08 - By EVE Online Team

Loyal capsuleers,

EVE Online’s exciting new narrative-driven expansion is here and live now, so it’s time for you to choose your fight and join the Uprising! The introduction of brand-new navy dreadnoughts and destroyers brings even more variety to the battlefield as well as intimidating new visuals. In addition, the future of war arrives as Factional Warfare has received a significant update with the launch of the Frontlines and Advantage systems, focusing capsuleer efforts on emerging conflict hot spots. On top of all that, you can now fly your colors proudly in the warzone – and anywhere in New Eden - with corporation and alliance emblems on ships, which you can also enjoy in the incredible enhanced audio and visual environment of new Upwell hangars!

As the tensions have steadily but significantly escalated between the empires of New Eden in recent months, conflicts will continue to ignite across the cluster in the wake of the stellar transmuter accident and the invasion of Intaki. The Uprising has begun.


One of the most thrilling aspects of the new Uprising expansion is the chance to get your hands on new navy dreadnoughts, one for each of the main empires. These ships bring increased variety, options, and visual drama to New Eden’s battlefields. The Naglfar Fleet Issue has massive firepower, and its versatility is increased with dual armor and shield repair bonuses. The Moros Navy Issue offers terrifying damage and improved armor repair strength plus increased range. Additionally, the Phoenix Navy Issue wields precision guided missiles with increased damage and target painter bonus, plus reduced reload time, while the Revelation Navy Issue – now with increased bonuses to damage and energy transfer - can be accurately described as purifying fire wrapped in heavy armor!

It's not just dreads, though, as each of the empires receives a brand-new navy destroyer with a beefed-up look and improved abilities too! The Catalyst Navy Issue boasts powerful turrets with increased damage and better armor agility thanks to a reduction in plate mass penalty and a bonus to armor repair. The Coercer Navy Issue features heavy armor and strong control capabilities thanks to a reduction in energy neutralizer cap need, plus some new turret bonuses. The Cormorant Navy Issue is a fierce sniper with strong shield repair thanks to a shield booster bonus, while the Thrasher Fleet Issue is a fast ship with even faster guns, due to an increase in turret rate of fire!

On a related note, the Loyalty Point cost for the navy ship blueprint offers in faction militia stores has been reduced, making these fearsome vessels more accessible! Furthermore, Neurolink Conduit components have been removed from all subcapital navy ship blueprints.

Uprising also ushers in thematically appropriate balance changes to current navy ships, as well as heavy assault cruisers and more, so check those out in detail on the EVE Online forums.


The new Frontlines feature in Factional Warfare (FW) is now also live, drawing pilots closer to the borders of their opponents and presenting new rewarding challenges that focus capsuleer efforts towards key, emerging conflicts where empire history will be written! Systems in a FW warzone can have different operational states which are designated as follows:

  • Frontline - adjacent to an enemy-controlled star system, the absolute heart of the battle, and the highest level of reward!
  • Command Operations - adjacent to a Frontline system, vital for strategic supremacy with standard LP rewards.
  • Rearguard - when none of the above apply, a relative safe zone in the maelstrom.

The operational state of the FW system will determine its properties, such as specific system effects, spawning of sites, Loyalty Point (LP) rewards, and victory point gains. For example, any LP earned through activities in a Frontline system is subject to a 50% increase in rewards! Command Operations systems will contain standard LP rewards and specific Command Operations sites which are potentially less dangerous than Frontline systems.

The new Advantage system allows you to give your chosen faction an edge in FW. This edge can be achieved by obtaining a terrain advantage through ownership of adjacent Frontline and Command Operations star systems, through the completion of activities and sites in the FW warzone, and by deploying anchorable, player-built Propaganda Structures and Listening Outposts. There are also Supply Cache/Depots and Rendezvous Point sites that will affect faction advantage, plus Operation Center exploration sites that will provide the players with valuable codes to build Propaganda Billboards and Listening Outposts. The more involved and victorious your faction is in the warzone, the greater the effect will be on your side’s victory points!

Another update to Factional Warfare involves the addition of more restrictions to complexes, as well as changes to site naming in order to better communicate the associated challenge and restrictions of the sites. Find out more about these changes in the Uprising patch notes.


You can now represent your player corporation and alliance with even more pride thanks to the addition of emblems on ships, all as part of Uprising! This is where the Heraldry journey in EVE begins, with this first step of customization available for over 100 ships already. All players that are in an NPC corporation will have access to their NPC corporation iconography when using their corporation emblems.

A new in-game corporation called Paragon has eleven stations spread across Highsec and Lowsec, complete with new Paragon agents. These stations are distributed well enough to allow even the most remote capsuleers to enjoy reasonable proximity to a Paragon location. There are Paragon agent missions that award capsuleers with EverMarks which can then be used to purchase emblems at Loyalty Point stores in those Paragon stations. Once purchased, emblems can be toggled on or off using the new Personalization tab in the fitting window.

When an individual capsuleer in a player corp earns EverMarks, the corporation earns them too. During the promotion period, the ratio of player and corp EverMarks earned will be 1 to 1. Keep this in mind and start hitting those Paragon missions, because in 2023, player corps will be able to spend the EverMarks they have accumulated through individual member activity.


If you’re proud of your ship collection or just want to see your fantastic new corporation or alliance emblems in all their glory, the massive enhancements to Upwell hangars ramp up the audio and visual immersion while docking and undocking in New Eden. You will be able to see other ships you have docked at your current Upwell structure in the enormous new hangar environment. The special attention put into this upgrade helps ensure that when you undock from your new hangar, you'll still get out into space at a speed that is on par with other structures in the game.

Speaking of audio and visual updates, Uprising also includes EVE Evolved improvements that bring more refined turret sound quality and brand-new soundtracks for Factional Warfare sites. In addition, AMD FidelityFXTM Super Resolution 1.0 boosts your EVE framerate, while object instancing allows for more detail in a single scene with minimal performance impact, with the new Upwell hangars being one of the first examples to take advantage of this technology! The hangars also benefit from increased visual impact due to improved shading and rendering, as do all EVE assets.


Uprising also introduces a stack of Quality-of-Life improvements, every single one of them inspired directly by EVE community feedback. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Alliances are getting their own version of the Corporation Fittings. Alliances can now have their fleet doctrines accessible to everyone in the alliance for ease of access when they are stocking their hangars for conflict. In addition to this, the number of personal ship fittings has doubled from 250 to 500 and corporation/alliance fittings have gone from 300 to 600.
  • The maximum number of fleet mates which can be added to the watch list window has been significantly increased, so now your logistics wing can keep a much-expanded watchful eye over its fleet members.
  • If you are in a ship when initiating a clone jump, you will now automatically disembark, wait out the timer and then clone jump, saving you some clicks before jumping into a different clone at another location. There are also more jump clones available with the addition of the Elite Infomorph Psychology skill book!
  • There have been changes to rules surrounding Abyssal Deadspace filaments and their activation. Higher level filaments will now require pilots to be in systems with a security status of 0.5 to 0.7, lest they incur a suspect timer.
  • Alpha pilot characters can no longer change their safety setting to red.
  • A series of changes to make Highsec ganking more costly, which will affect decision making when looking for targets. These include adjustments to the docking and tethering rights of characters with low security status.
    • Note: tethering changes will be coming within the next week

If a capsuleer you have recruited did not create an account through a recruitment link, you can now recruit such accounts retroactively. Both you and your recruit can claim rewards defined by the Recruitment Program rules, too! Recruits will receive 1,000,000 SP immediately after being recruited and the recruiter will receive free Omega and accelerators when their recruit converts to Omega and purchases PLEX.

There are many more changes such as these in Uprising, and details of them all can be found in the Uprising patch notes.


If you’re going to rise up in your brand-new navy ships, you’re going to want to look the part and be ready to maximize their impact. From 11-17 November, log in daily for thousands of Skill Points to help you train up the necessary skills, then coat your navy frigates in Versus Blueforce and Redforce SKINs. In addition to those Alpha rewards, Omega pilots will also get Versus SKINs for the all-new navy battlecruisers and an extra 275,000 Skill Points!


To celebrate the release of Uprising and to equip you for imminent battle, four new empire-themed packs are now available in the EVE Store. These Uprising Packs – named the Imperial Crusade Pack, State Protectorate Pack, Defense Union Pack, and Liberation Front Pack - each contain 30 days of Omega, new apparel, Expert System, cerebral accelerator, and a set of SKINs that include a brand-new nanocoating for an empire-specific navy exploration frigate.

You can also purchase the Uprising Packs in EVE Online’s New Eden Store (NES) for PLEX, so that’s even more ways for you to make best use of these great value packs and equip yourself for the Uprising. With the exception of the new character apparel featured in these packs, all other apparel in the NES will be 50% off until 22 November, so don’t miss your chance to combine the fresh Uprising apparel with more shiny threads!

On the subject of unmissable offers, until 22 November you can get 7 days of Omega free by visiting the New Eden Store! Use your Omega to gain unlimited access to ships and activities in EVE, faster skill training, and claim improved daily Uprising login rewards.


With new ships at your command, the ability to proudly emblazon them with your emblems, and a clear path to the warzone, the moment to undock from your epic new hangar and rise up for your empire has arrived!