The Havoc Expansion is Now Live | EVE Online

The Havoc Expansion is Now Live

2023-11-14 - By EVE Online Team

Chaotic capsuleers,

The gates to the recently discovered Zarzakh system are open to all who dare enter, and now is the time to venture forth and choose where your loyalties lie. Will you side with the Angel Cartel or Guristas pirate factions, becoming an insurgent, or do you intend to play the hero with empire militias?


EVE Online: Havoc is the second major expansion for EVE Online in 2023, and as of today, it opens up a wealth of choices, adventures, and combat options. It is a hazardous world, filled with ancient mysteries, and it gives pilots the opportunity to live a pirate’s life in New Eden. In addition to new ships, activities, and locations such as the visually stunning Jovian megastructure, “The Fulcrum”, capsuleers can expect great adventures as pirates attempt to corrupt systems, spurred on by the mysterious Deathless.


The Havoc expansion finally allows capsuleers to fulfill what has long been a dream of many: To enlist with New Eden’s notorious pirate factions. You will get the chance to aid The Deathless in spreading chaos throughout empire warzones by aligning with the Angel Cartel or Guristas. The completion of the new interstellar shipcaster in Zarzakh enables you to get there even faster and start making your mark. Pilots will be able to spread corruption as insurgents, or fight for order as empire militia, with a wealth of Loyalty Points on the line. Siding with the pirates will bring access to new ships, including the Azariel-class titan and Khizriel-class battlecruiser from the Angel Cartel, Alligator-class battlecruiser from the Guristas, as well as making Mekubal and Mamba destroyers available through the dedicated Pirate Insurgent LP Stores.


The insurgencies get under way today as the pirate Forward Operating Base (FOB) chooses systems for pilots to compete over. After the FOB appears, however, there will be a 48 hour forecasting period, as the pirates set up and prepare their assault. This gives capsuleers a chance to get their ships into position (or out of harm’s way, as the case may be) before the actual insurgency begins. So, once you have chosen your side, you should begin getting ready, as the proper battle over corruption or stability begins in two days’ time.


In addition to providing access to pirate Forward Operating Bases and the stunning Fulcrum hangar, Havoc brings with it EVE Vanguard, a dynamic and evolving FPS experience in early development, which will be connected to EVE Online from day one. When it comes online in December, capsuleers will be able to impact New Eden, and fuel its war machine, directly through Frontline corruption. You can sign up here to be among the first to join the ranks of Vanguard.


Havoc will further empower organizations by making Corporation Projects bigger and better than ever before. ISK payments will now be integrated into projects, meaning that manual payments will no longer be necessary, new project types will be added, and there will now be a dedicated project manager role. AIR Opportunities will now be available to new capsuleers earlier through the AIR NPE, and the expansion adds the ability to take a break from the NPE and come back to it any time. The expansion introduces seven new project types, including Remote Repair Armor and Remote Boost Shields, Destroy Capsuleer’s Ship, Scan Signature, and more. In addition, project cloning is now available for ease of creating similar or recurring projects.

Further adding to capsuleers’ ability to find things to do on a daily basis in New Eden, Havoc will see the introduction of the new AIR Daily Goals system in December 2023, which will build upon the current daily challenges. This system will give capsuleers a selection of four tasks every day but will require only two of them to be completed for the main reward to be given.

In the spirit of strengthening organizations and making life easier for capsuleers in and out of corps, better accessibility to features and gameplay in the Havoc expansion also comes in the form of improvements to the Photon UI interface. Omega pilots now have the option to personalize their experience by customizing the UI color scheme, and there are updates to the Settings menu, presenting a more modernized look consistent with the rest of Photon UI, including the addition of two new font sizes. Alphas get access to pre-made UI themes, previously only available to Omega capsuleers.

Speaking of personalization, Havoc will also see the release of corporation and alliance emblems for the new ships coming with this expansion, specifically the Mekubal, Mamba, Khizriel, Alligator, and Azariel. So even if you are aligning with pirates, you can still proudly fly your organization’s colors! This is only the beginning of Havoc. There are further enhancements coming in an update tomorrow, and the coming weeks and months will see even more Havoc updates. So, keep your eyes and ears open, capsuleers.


As the chaos on the frontlines unfolds, be sure to stay tuned to CCP TV for amazing Twitch drops, full of fun goodies to make your pirate adventures even more fruitful. Some of the treats you can expect to drop are Glamourex boosters, mysterious crates, EverMarks, and SKINs. Stay tuned so you don’t miss a thing.


To celebrate the chaos and corruption of Havoc, all capsuleers can now claim 7 free days of Omega by visiting the New Eden Store until 20 November. Omega time gives you unlimited access to a wide range of EVE’s best ships, doubled skill training speed, 10x the number of EverMarks received for completing Paragon missions, and much more. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy a full week for free.


Arm yourself for Havoc with two expansion-themed packs loaded with PLEX, Skill Points, Angel and Guristas-themed apparel and SKINs, a Glamourex booster, and more! The Insurgent Initiate Pack provides an additional 14 days of Omega to empower novice capsuleers looking to involve themselves in pirate insurgencies, and the Insurgent Commander Pack includes SKINs for an assortment of Angel and Guristas ships – including the brand-new Alligator and Khizriel!

The Insurgent Initiate Pack is ideal for new pilots who want to get started on the best foot in New Eden, and it contains:

  • 14 days of Omega

  • 14 PLEX

  • Basic Glamourex Booster

  • 150,000 Skill Points

  • Worm Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Dramiel Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Men's 'Outlaw' Jacket (Guristas)

  • Women's 'Outlaw' Coat (Guristas)

  • Women's 'Gunner' Jacket (Angel Cartel)

  • Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Angel Cartel)

The Insurgent Commander Pack, tailor made for more experienced pilots, contains:

  • 1,350 PLEX

  • 250,000 Skill Points

  • Basic Glamourex Booster

  • Worm Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Mamba Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Dramiel Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Mekubal Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Alligator Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Khizriel Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Machariel Empyrean Outlaws SKIN

  • Men's 'Outlaw' Jacket (Guristas)

  • Women's 'Outlaw' Coat (Guristas)

  • Women's 'Gunner' Jacket (Angel Cartel)

  • Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Angel Cartel)

Both packs can be purchased once per account, and are available until 11 December, so act fast!

In addition to the amazing deals you can get in the EVE Store, the New Eden Store is offering massive discounts on Redclaw Sable SKINs as well as pirate Hex bundles, in a special Black Friday sale, so make sure to check that out before it’s too late.


The Pirate Insurgencies are under way, and now is the time to choose where your loyalties lie, capsuleers. Become a pirate insurgent, spread corruption and wreak Havoc wherever you go, or join an empire militia, suppress criminal activity and establish your reputation as an honorable upholder of the law. Take part in Corporation Projects and reap the rewards, contributing to a greater cause and strengthening your organizations. Dock at the visually stunning Fulcrum hangar, and so much more. Dive into the expansion today, get 7 days free Omega time, and gain unparalleled power as you choose your alliances and unlock limitless potential.

For more in-depth information on all the new features Havoc brings to New Eden, you can watch a replay of the Havoc in Focus Director’s Chat here.