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Standings Organization TSCA Celebrates 5th Anniversary

2014-12-12 - Von CCP Phantom

by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

The Standings Corrections Agency (TSCA) recently celebrated its 5th year of operation - congratulations! TSCA, run by Imiarr Timshae, is celebrating this milestone by offering an EVE University course on the 12th of December on "Standings and Standings Mechanics" at 23:00 UTC.

TSCA will also be offering 15% off of their going service fee for the next 5 weeks. 

Standings are a passion of Timshae; “You’re literally fresh off the bus and the first missions you are offered will cause you problems,” he says, namely running missions that trashed their standings with one or more of the other empire factions. He set up his standings business, which is run by a collection of freelance pilots, to help solve those problems his fellow pilots were having. Standing repairs take work, but Timshae believes that it can be of value to any capsuleer with the ISK to make it worth his and his pilots’ time.

Timshae is also experimenting with a third-party asset transfer service that will be free of charge; “Most of the big guys only want to deal in supercaps because that’s where the money is,” he said. “I’m tired of being getting scammed or being turned away from the third-parties in the big leagues.”

Timshae’s EVE University course is now open for registration.

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