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Consortium. Alliance Split After Loss of Outpost Platform

2010-03-21 - Von Svarthol

Pynekastoh, Black Rise - earlier this month, a Consortium. Alliance freighter, containing a Minmatar Service Outpost Platform, was destroyed by Advocated Destruction.

According to ship logs, the freighter was controlled by Shmak DatAsh, leader of Consortium. Sylem, diplomat for Advocated Destruction, confirmed the vessel was defended only by a small support fleet.

"We were in a small gang [when] we just happened to see the freighter warp to a gate. We then gave chase [and] finally one of our pilots caught it in [Pynekastoh]," he said.

Such a loss could not go unnoticed among members of Consortium. Alliance: "The loss caused a major fissure... some people wanted heads to roll, others wanted to pick up and build another [station platform]," said Shmak DatAsh.

The loss sparked an attempted coup by fellow alliance leader R0ck Muncher. The coup failed and R0ck Muncher left the alliance, taking four corporations with him.

Aen Gentarus, who recently left the alliance, explains: "we had worked pretty hard, as had the alliance as a whole to get the resources for the platform... so when that [egg] was lost, it was a devastating blow."

The psychological blow and the subsequent political turmoil have caused Consortium.'s member count to drop from over one thousand to less than 600 capsuleers. However, Consortium.'s leader believes it is only a matter of time before the alliance recovers its full strength.

"Once we get back [on our feet], we'll be back on the drawingboard working closer with Atlas," Shmak DatAsh stated.


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