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EVE Gate - Incursion and beyond

2010-10-20 - Von CCP Priya

EVE Gate continues to expand and we have quite a few goodies in store for the Incursion release. The team has been hard at work over the last few months adding functionality, fixing bugs and tweaking what we already have to be even better. The main features we'll be adding in the coming expansion are already out on Singularity (test.evegate.com) for you to go check out.

Contact labels

The Contact labels are a new feature in the client and EVE Gate and work as replacement to the old contact folders in game. This means you will again be able to group your contacts into neat little categories, making organization of your friends and foes lists easy and simple. They offer the exact same functionaility and flexibility as the labels exposed through our mail system, which should make it a familiar experience.

Localization to Russian and German

We spent most of the summer working on localizing EVE Gate, so that our Russian and German playerbase can now chose their own language in the profile settings and enjoy interacting with EVE Online through their browser in their native tongue.

Public profiles

We have added another few knobs and buttons to your privacy settings that will allow you to open up parts of your profile to visitors who aren‘t logged in to EVE Gate. This will allow you to send a link to your profile to non EVE players and show off your EVE alter ego: if your profile is set as „public", visitors to the site will be able to view your profile as if they were logged in. „Private" profiles, meanwhile, will still be visitable in a limited form, as your EVE Gate profile page will double up as your forum user page. If your profile is „private", visitors not logged in will see only your portrait, name, and corp and alliance membership.

By default, profiles will be set to „public", but there will be a grace period after the expansion launches where all profiles will be private - this gives you time to decide whether or not you want your extended information to be available to the wider world, and to configure your profile accordingly. Corps and Alliances, not having privacy settings of their own, will all be treated as „public" once the grace period expires, it goes without saying that the corp member lists are never shown in public view and as always only viewable by members of the corp. Trial accounts are always „private" while on trial, to prevent possible abuse.

New rich text editor

One area we needed to improve was the rich text editor and its interaction with the „Malicious Content Filter".  We are putting in place a better text editor which is compatible with a wider variety of browsers and causes less issues with falsely triggering the content filter (which is in place to prevent the injection of malicious code).  You should find it a lot easier to create and edit mails and broadcasts with your desired content being used the way you intended.

New contact limit

After implementing the new contact system, one of the things we heard from players was that 300 contacts was not enough in many cases. This is a good example of how important your feedback is in helping us evolve EVE Gate. In this particular case we went back and reworked it so that now you can have as many as 1024 contacts.

EVE Voice integration

We've been partnering with Vivox, which brings us EVE Voice, to create a first iteration of accessing EVE Voice through EVE Gate. This allows you to both listen and speak to your friends on the go, without having to load up a full EVE Client. Just  open EVE Gate, and you're all set!

This specific feature will not go live in conjunction with the Incursion launch but can be expected to be available just a few weeks after the expansion is in your hands. This is a very exciting feature we're really looking forward to bringing to you.

New Forums in development

In parallel with all of this work we have a team developing all new forums for EVE which will go live sometime after the Incursion launch. These  forums will be available from within EVE Gate and will be intergrated with it, they will provide all the features you expect in a modern forum application and will give us a sound base for further enhancements. We will have a more detailed blog on what we are delivering for the forums in the coming weeks.