Anger Games 6 Tournament Starts This Weekend! | EVE Online

Anger Games 6 Tournament Starts This Weekend!

2024-04-12 - Von EVE Online Team

Competitive capsuleers,

The wait for the Anger Games 6 is finally over! This community-organized PvP tournament will see over 50 teams battle in a 7v7 format to decide who will walk away with the crown and glory!

Additionally, a new Community-Tournaments page has been launched, showcasing all the details of the tournament, from brackets to standings, rules, prizes for competitors, rewards for viewers, Discord for chatter, and a whole host of other information.

Tune in to CCPTV on Saturday, 13 April at 17:00 UTC, where our very own CCP Jötunn will host the live stream, joined by a slew of other player commentators and analysts to give you a blow-by-blow rundown of each match.

Tune in to CCPTV

See you there!