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EVE Online: Invasion Is Live!

2019-05-28 - Von CCP Falcon

We’re super happy to announce that the summer expansion, EVE Online: Invasion, is now live!

The summer expansion brings the kickoff of the Triglavian invasion as the Collective takes its first aggressive steps into known space. In addition to this, there’s a whole host of quality of life changes, the next stage of the war declaration overhaul, new tech II Triglavian hulls, mutaplasmid groups and invention materials, as well as the new pointer tool and a complete overhaul of The Agency.

Pilots can expect the Triglavian threat to escalate in the coming weeks as the collective begins to establish a beachhead in known space, launching attacks against territories across the cluster.

Bringing a new presence to New Eden, pilots will have to directly face the Triglavian fleet as it emerges from abyssal deadspace in brand new combat sites.

EVE Client 64-bit Open Beta!

In addition to EVE Online: Invasion, today marks the start of the opt-in open beta for the 64-bit EVE Online client. If you’d like to take part in the open beta, please take a look at this news item for more information on how to switch your launcher over to the 64-bit client.

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Additional Expansion Information:

EVE Online: Invasion sees the Triglavian Collective emerge from the Abyss for the first time, in an invasion that will begin on May 28th and intensify in the following days and weeks. Capsuleers across the cluster should be prepared to meet this new threat head on, facing formidable enemy fleets and escalating consequences to earn lucrative rewards.

In addition to this, there’ll be the introduction of the first Tech II Triglavian ships, as well as new mutaplasmids for damage controls, assault damage controls and both ancillary armor repairers and shield boosters.

Industry changes are also coming with the Invasion to accommodate the new Tech II Triglavian hulls, including brand new skills for Triglavian invention and manufacturing as well as new Tech II Triglavian components, datacores and some tweaks to Triglavian ship and module production.

The EVE Dev Team’s focus on quality of life improvements will also see the next stage of war declaration changes arrive with EVE Online: Invasion, as well as tweaks to Tech II ammo types, allowing them to be loaded into all Faction, Storyline, and Officer weapon variations.

Quality of life improvements don’t stop there, with this expansion also offering an entirely redesigned experience for The Agency, with a focus on making content and activities in New Eden more discoverable and accessible to both new and established pilots alike. The Agency will see the return of the agent finder, as well as a visual overhaul to make activities, resource gathering and exploration clearer and more concise.