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Failed Coup Within Red Alliance Leads To Loss of Home System

2009-06-24 - Von Svarthol

Insmother, C-J6MT- Red Alliance's [RA] home system has fallen into Atlas hands as internal strife comes to a head.

The capture came after a failed coup inside [RA]'s leadership caused a sovereignty loss in several capital constellations around Insmother. Aware of their opponent's difficulties, Atlas and allied forces exploited the confusion by launching a suprise attack deep inside Red Alliance's core systems.

During the last several days, Red Alliance has lost at least five outposts in Insmother and two in Etherium Reach with more to follow. Cattie'Brie of [RA], paints a bleak picture: "[It] is very difficult. We are surrounded and outnumbered and outgunned".

Red Alliance blames a coup attempt by ERROR [404] leadership for the difficulties they now face. According to Bapp R.U.S.H., CEO roles were stolen by ERROR and OMNYX members in a bid to achieve Red Alliance's executorship. However failing the revolt, renegade leaders were ultimately able to expel a key corporation from Red Alliance, resulting in half of its systems in Insmother losing the 'level 3' sovereignty status and the subsequent disruption of jump bridge operations.

Presently, Red Alliance's former capitol station is controlled by Atlas and several Red Alliance ships may have been trapped within.

GoonSwarm fleet members allegedly sent to help [RA]'s evacuation operations have been intercepted by Cult Of War [COW] capsuleers and subsequently obliterated using a doomsday device. Dah'Kanid describes the engagement: "Unaware of the Titan threat from [COW], Goons jumped into the system [that had been] set up for [the ambush] and every single one [was killed]".

Cult Of War Capsuleers have been helping Atlas and Allied forces by applying pressure on Red Alliance's western Flank. Endag Tanon, of [COW] explains that they have been engaging Red Alliance's fleet mostly in Scalding Pass. NeoNeTiC better clarifies his alliance's standings: "Cult of War is what the name says - an alliance that wages war just because it appeals to its nature... We are here to lay waste to anything that moves and the current war ... [is] a nice moment to increase the scale of battle".

Despite Atlas and allies gaining the upper edge in Insmother, the war is far from over. NeoNeTiC offers his view on a possible future scenario: "Politics are backstab-sensitive right now. This big anti-[RA] rush is unlikely to stand forever... people will begin to fight over the territory - amonst themselves if needed". He also believes Goonswarm are not going to offer full scale help to Red Alliance as they currently have to recover from their efforts in Delve.

Cattie'Brie of [RA] believes his alliance could keep fighting, with Goonswarm or Northern Coalition help. However, he also admits: "If there is no help we will fight until last [starbase]... then regroup somewhere in a safer [area]."

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