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Federation Militia Advances Through Black Rise

2009-01-13 - Von Svarthol

Federation forces continue to hold the Urpiken constellation in Black Rise and are steadily advancing into the Inolari constellation with the capture of the Innia star system.

For well over a month, Federation forces led primarily by Friedrick Psitalon and his Dead Parrot Shoppe corporation have captured and held every star system in the Urpiken constellation. Despite stiff resistance and attempted recaptures, the State militia has been unable to stop Friedrick's relentless march through Black Rise.

A numerical disadvantage and reluctance by many militia pilots to assist in taking control towers has slowed the advance marginally. As Friedrick states, "There's a general feeling amongst militia pilots that [control point assaults] means no [fighting against skilled pod pilots]. In point of fact, we get into pretty brutal scraps on a regular basis."

Friedrick believes that a concerted effort by the Federation militia will speed up the push through Black Rise and perhaps hasten an end to the State militia's efforts. With that goal in mind, Friedrick calls out to all Gallente militia pilots to join him in his wave of victory and prevent the offensive from slowing.