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Live from Alliance Tournament XI!

2013-07-20 - Von CCP Eterne

As of 13:15 UTC, Alliance Tournament XI is live and broadcasting! On the first day of matches, we have an action-packed schedule of 32 matches! The tournament can be watched live from the official CCP channel. Tune in now to watch some epic fights as 64 teams fight for glory. And don't forget we'll be running competitions throughout the tournament with awesome prizes from our sponsors at RazerEvetimecode and Alienware

And once again, check out our amazing teaser trailer featuring CCP Veritas!

Alliance Tournament XI

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Alliance Tournament XI
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CCPGames page
July 20th from 13:15 - 22:00 UTC
July 21st from 13:15 - 22:00 UTC

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Have fun and enjoy the AT XI!