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Mysterious attackers revealed, ring leader uncovered

2005-05-10 - Von Svarthol

Mr Frantian Brinor has been a long term employee at Perkone, managing warehouse storage and manufacturing processes for many years. Though sadly as was found out last night, as the body recovered from his ships wreckage was identified as him, he had lead not just Perkone, but everyone astray. He has been positively identified as the man behind the mysterious ships that have been plaguing most of The Forge for nearly two months now, causing innumerable deaths. A man who has lied to countless citizens and stolen equipment whose value was greatly in excess of his own wealth. Last night however his scheme came tumbling down.

A high ranking official for Perkone opened a secure communication link with zarig in the early hours of yesterday evening. Zarig was already known as affiliate of Mr Kyogen Steiner, a pilot the Perkone official keeps him in high regard because of his heavy involvement in countering the mysterious pilots over the last few weeks. He was quick to disclose where Mr Brinor was heading, at the time unsure what he was doing, but with suspicions that it might be somehow connection to the mysterious vessels. To compound their suspicions, it was also mentioned that their internal records indicated that, many different types of equipment, ships and munitions had gone missing from the Uemon Factory. Only a high ranking officer could remove items and cover it up without leaving a trace. Mr Brinor fitted this description perfectly.

Mr Brinor was quickly intercepted by a large capsuleer fleet, who were quick to notice that he was accompanied by four pilots from the Caldari Business Tribunal and that all of them were wanted for the acts of piracy that had so plagued the forge. Communications beforehand in the Paala system already made it plain to all those watching that Mr Brinor was in command of these pilots and that when confronted with the fleet, also appeared very authoritarian in the way in which they spoke to him. This provided the fleet with enough intelligence to take action against them.

It seems after all the confusion over what truly has been going on, that neither CBT nor Perkone are to blame. This group of loyal citizens, who are named below, have stood up above all others, to seek out the truth and reveal the lies, which this man has tried to hide for so long.

Mr Kyogen Steiner (For his intellect in understanding and coming to reveal the truth behind the actions of the Mysterious ships.)

Mrs Helpdesk (For supporting Mr Steiner in making his accusations public to Perkone.)

zarig (For asking enough questions to unwind anything else that may have been going on behind the scenes when he was contacted and ultimately, to carry out the actions that would seal the fate of Frantian Brinor.)

All those pilots that helped to assist in the death of Frantian Brinor and the Mysterious ships (Now known from bodies recovered to be experts in covert operations, hired by Mr Brinor for the acts that he coordinated and eventually committed), cannot be thanked enough for their loyalty and speed in bringing Mr Brinor to justice.

Those that have been working day and night on trying to crack the code, which the mysterious pilots spoke in.

Mr Brinor is thought to have supplied the ships to the mercenaries in Paala, through the convoy that was sent out nearly two months ago, and at that point gave them their strict orders on who to attack and how to go about it. Mr Brinor’s motives for these radical actions may always remain a secret, but now at least the State and its pilots can remain safe in the knowledge that they will not be attacked at random by these dangerous pilots ever again.