On Goes The Wars of Blog: News From The Skill Training Front. | EVE Online

On Goes The Wars of Blog: News From The Skill Training Front.

2004-06-28 - Von CCP Oveur

For the last week I've been reading quite a number of threads on us changing skill training. It's quite fun, especially since I didn't know we were changing it. Sure, as Hellmar says in the CSM, we have discussed it because the "gap" has been brought up quite a number of times on the forums. But that's about it. Besides, we're quite busy messing up the rest of the game for Shiva to be bothered with messing up skill training too. I have to cool down my nerfing bat of doom at some point, don't I :D

My opinion is that the skill system works quite fine. No single change will make it better at this point except better utilizing skill trees, and this is just skill design, no changes to the system needed. True, "it is evident that come some years some players might have tens of millions of skill points" (Hellmar quote). But we're only one year in. The skill system already has a veteran nerf, has been since the very beginning. It's that level 5 takes ages to train, but that's also the handicap of the system, since requiring level 4 for something is not very effective since it takes to short to train. If I could choose any one single "change", it'd be to "move" some training time from level 5 to 4. But that's just my opinion ;)

Hmm, maybe we should get a NERF t-shirt for the store?