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Seituoda Family Condemns 'Gallentean' Hinpas and Calls Wiyrkomi Board Meeting

2008-11-03 - Von Svarthol

Dantumi – Oko Seituoda, a voting member of the Wiyrkomi Corporation board, today condemned the CBD Corporation CEO, Imanima Hinpas, and served notice to the Wiyrkomi CEO, Kuruta Irio, that he would have to account for his recent actions and the performance of the megacorporation at a special board meeting.

"We held Kuruta Irio to be a good and honorable servant of Wiyrkomi Corporation," said Seituoda to the press conference at Wiyrkomi Headquarters. "We ask him to attend a special board meeting to prove to us that he remains so and has not had his honor torn asunder by the woman Hinpas. Further, we urge the CBD Corporation board to hold their Chief Executive to account. Her perversion of the tenets of Caldari aesthetics requires action. We hope they will take it."

"Honor is the guiding principle of the Wiyrkomi Corporation," Seituoda said, "and my family consider Imanima Hinpas dishonorable and Gallentean in her attitudes." The comment has aroused widespread shock among the media and public for what has been described as one of the most vicious attacks on a high-ranking public figure in recent memory.

Financial market watchers report that the funding stream for Wiyrkomi Health and Wellbeing (WHW) remains in place and that the "Hinpas Affair" will not necessarily alter the basic strategy of Wiyrkomi Corporation. Some analysts suggest the board may believe its decision to enter the health and augmentation sector was sound despite the enormous and increasing outlay to date.

No comment has been forthcoming from Kuruta Irio, though it has been determined that he is in Dantumi and conferring with his executive team. Oko Seituoda's remarks have not provoked any reaction from CBD Corporation and Imanima Hinpas is refusing all requests for interviews. Given the flamboyant actions of the CBD Chief Executive in the past, these refusals are widely seen as an indication that she is concentrating on defending her position within the CBD megacorporation.