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The Capsuleer Chronicles Volume 3 – Available Now

2022-07-20 - Von EVE Online Team

Defiant Capsuleers,

The third volume of EVE: Capsuleer Chronicles is available now!

Return to Raravoss in the days leading up to the first attainment of Final Liminality. Explore the past & future of one Minmatar Capsuleer, dedicated to the liberation of her brothers and sisters suffering under Amarr oppression, as she combats a new invading force in the Triglavian Collective – who seek to impress their enigmatic ambitions onto the very stars she calls home.

Will long-held convictions remain immutable, or will this Capsuleer prove to evolve her perspective as she carves her immortal path among the stars? Take the plunge and find out!

Volume 3, “Resistance”, is available to read online now through a selection of sources. Check out The Capsuleer Chronicles’ official site to read this official EVE comic series, from Dark Horse Comics. Stay tuned for the 4th chapter coming later this summer and be sure to pre-order your copy of the hardcover!

Fly safe, Capsuleers – we'll see you in space!