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EVE: The Capsuleer Chronicles

HARDCOVER COLLECTION - AVAILABLE NOW!Available in your local comic book stores today, with a wider release in early 2023!

Issue 4: "Liminality"

As Raravoss falls to the Triglavian Collective, join one Amarrian Capsuleer – who long ago rejected the teachings of his youth – as he reaches out to aid the Minmatar Ria, and follow as the two attempt to flee the irreversible consequences of Final Liminality!

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Issue 3: "Resistance"

Learn the past of a Capsuleer committed to liberating her people from Amarr oppression. Join her in Raravoss as she opposes the Triglavian Collective, an invading force of a different color.

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Issue 2: "MERCENARY"

Follow Otila, a man who’s followed the best paths for survival since long before he was a Capsuleer, as he joins the chaos of the Triglavian invasion of Raravoss

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Issue 1: "Velocity"

Experience one Capsuleer’s story during the Triglavian Invasion of Raravoss, where those swayed by the call of the enigmatic Zorya Triglav turned against the Empires to side with the invaders – assisting in their campaign to regain a foothold in New Eden.

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