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Alliance PvP Tournament - Final Day Summary

2006-07-25 - Publié par Svarthol

The last day of the tournament saw Band of Brothers move through the final rounds and secure victory and the first prize against Ascendant Frontier.

Proving it is not just destructive power that wins matches, both teams went into the final with an extremely well thought out line-up and found after thirty minutes of fighting that they were evenly matched against each other and unable to break the opposition’s defence.

The final came down to an interceptor dual, which saw both teams field Crow class Caldari interceptors. Gunstar Zero of Band of Brothers won the dual against Mr Fix of ASCN; with a standard missile setup over his opponent’s rocket launcher fitting.

Pleasingly, the final day saw no forfeits as all teams were content to roll the die and see what fate had in store for them.

The Second Round opened with The Five defeating Veritas Immortalis; who suffered a warp drive malfunction for the second successive match as their Basilisk emergency warped out of the arena. Mercenary Coalition defeated 3rd Front Alliance, whilst ASCN changed their cruiser to combat The Red Skull’s tactics and held on for a time-out victory.

Stain Empire continued their destructive approach to the tournament and destroyed Kaos Empire to set-up a quarter-final match against ASCN. Stain- Alliance managed a time-out victory over Lotka Volterra after the latter opted to change their line-up in an attempt to counter SA’s long range webification support.

Morsus Mihi finally succeeded in doing what no-one else had done in the tournament and broke SMASH Alliance’s defenses to qualify for the quarter-finals. Band of Brothers outlasted Dusk and Dawn whilst Interstellar Alcohol comprehensively overcame Exuro Mortis despite a defender missile tactic by their Flycatcher pilot.

In the first quarter final match Mercenary Coalition bested The Five. MC´s Cerberus fended off all efforts to destroy it, allowing his team mates to eventually find a weak link in their opponents’ defence. The Five did not yield willingly and their Crow pilot ensured that a time-out had to be called by evading all efforts to destroy him.

ASCN advanced their all-Gallente line-up into the semi-finals with a timed-out victory over Stain Empire. While Band of Brothers defeated Stain- Alliance in their quarter final match.

Responding to this, Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate achieved their own perfect victory against Morsus Mihi, who ran into difficulties once their Zealot pilot flew out of the support range from the rest of the team.

The first of the two semi-final matches saw ASCN defeat Mercinary Coalition with the all-Gallente support line-up of ASCN proving to be a match for MC’s destructive power.

Band of Brothers clawed back an exciting victory against Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate with two vessels remaining after an early warp drive malfunction in BoB’s Scimitar class logistics vessel and the destruction of their light ships suggested defeat.

After their enthralling match against IAC, BoB went on to win their second alliance tournament in an interceptor dual against ASCN after the final match ended in stalemate. Band of Brothers receive the Caldari Gaming Commission’s first prize of a Wyvern class Mothership, five Chimer class carriers and five Navy Issue Raven class Battleships.