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Caldari citizens celebrate at return of homeland

2008-06-10 - Publié par Svarthol

New Caldari - As news of Tibus Heth's astounding victory in reclaiming Caldari Prime broke across the Caldari State, citizens took to the streets. Numerous corporations suspended the rest of the work day, allowing employees to take part in the celebrations. In all of the major cities, the feeling was overwhelmingly one of pride, with large throngs of celebrants shouting chants in support of Tibus Heth as images came in of him raising the Caldari flag over their homeworld. Reports of mass Gallentean casualties have done little to perturb the joyous crowds, in many cases actually adding to their nationalistic fervor.

"What was once lost is ours again," said Akkio Suurvola, a technician and employee of Caldari Constructions. "We owe so much to Tibus, look at how far he has taken us in this short time. The best days of the Caldari are ahead of us." His comments were echoed across the State by countless citizens, who voiced their support of the invasion and its leader.