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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2012-01-31 - Publié par Svarthol

YC 113.10.01 – YC 113.10.31

The situation this month was similar to September; whilst most sovereignty warfare occurred in the Catch region, Delve saw the highest level of ship losses. In Catch, further stations were lost by Against All Authorities (AAA) and their allies to the attackers, though AAA were able to re-secure multiple systems  after losing them, namely N-8BZ6, YHN-3K and AOK-WQ.

Fighting in Delve has reached new heights, with 20,678 capsuleer vessels destroyed there this month. This is the highest level of conflict within Delve since the famous disbanding of the "Band of Brothers" alliance and the subsequent war for the region in February 2009, which saw an incredible 34,840 kills.

The capsuleer alliance Goonswarm Federation this month embarked on a new campaign with a significant twist. This campaign is primarily aimed at disrupting any attempts to mine the ice products needed to maintain Gallente starbases. This has involved going into combat with police forces within empire borders, with CONCORD being forced to ensure that almost 4,000 vessels could not cause any further harm to innocent capsuleers.

Whilst DED has reported on various statistics regarding the extremes of combat levels, several requests have been received for some information on the opposite; where is the least hostile? This month, we are declassifying the numbers for the total losses for null security regions with the lowest numbers of losses since the beginning of YC110. The five regions with the lowest numbers of recorded losses are:

The Spire




Outer Passage




Paragon Soul


Statistics for October:
Supercapitals destroyed: 9 titans, 18 supercarriers
Supercapitals built: 33 titans, 93 supercarriers
Outposts built: 29