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Crielere Project Scientist Detained by Provists

2010-04-21 - Publié par Svarthol

Kaaputenen - Dr. Tamo Kinttonen, one of the leading research project managers for the Hyasyoda Corporation, has been detained for questioning by Provists at a CBD Sell Division station in Kaaputenen.  It is understood that Kintonnen had prepaid for passage on an unidentified ship to Penirgman system in the Domain region.

Kintonnen worked on the Crielere Project as part of a Hyasyoda team concerned with cloaking technology. Although divorced now, he was married at the time to Dr. Sycia Tillbeaux, a Gallente scientist, and they appeared in a joint Federation- and State-funded advertisement promoting the project's diversity. A former colleague of Kintonnen's commented, "Tamo told me how upset he was about the inquiry [into the Crielere Project]. He felt that it was reopening old wounds on both a personal and professional level.  I'm not surprised he tried to leave the State before the inquiry reached him."

Hyasyoda Corporation released the following statement about Kintonnen's detainment: "Dr. Kintonnen was on leave when he was abducted by the Provists. There are no restrictions on Hyasyoda employees travelling to the Amarr Empire, and we are content that Dr. Kintonnen was not in possession of any scientific documents. We object most strongly to his incarceration and demand that he is released immediately."