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Emperor Kor-Azor Extends the First Olive Branch to the Minmatar Republic

2003-11-06 - Publié par Svarthol

AMARR – In a move considered by political analysts as “a continuation of the Heideran legacy”, the soon-to-be crowned Doriam Kor-Azor today ordered the release of thousands of imprisoned Minmatar slaves, POW’s, and even some MIA’s unaccounted for by the Minmatar Republic for decades. “The power bestowed to me bears a greater responsibility that extends beyond Amarr’s borders,” read a statement released by Kor-Azor’s representatives. “The passions of mankind are shared by all of the races; history will one day show that the reign of Kor-Azor united the peoples of our great galaxy under the banner of humanity and goodwill.”

Even as joyous Minmatar families await contact from Amarr authorities detailing the transport arrangements for their loved ones, many remain bitterly skeptical. “Posturing”, muttered Timona Shendo of the Brutor Tribal Council. “Pure political posturing nonsense. I pity the fool who thinks otherwise.” Asked if the new Emperor should at least be given the benefit of the doubt, he answered “Let me give you some ‘doubt’ of your own. Tell me, how many children are among the names of the released? None. How many of them are actually in good health? Zero. The sickening truth to all of this is that these people being returned to us have either outlived their usefulness to the Empire or are otherwise unfit for ‘service’.” The man’s hands rolled into fists, and the cracks of his knuckles were audible over the vidcomm. “It’s all a deceitful travesty. My hatred of the Amarr is just as strong as it has ever been. Nothing less than the unconditional release of every single Minmatar will change that.”

“It’s a step in the right direction,” stated political analyst Kedrick Liamsen. “Kor-Azor has to establish his rule immediately, and this action is certainly inline with expectations. He must believe that the benefits of appeasing both the moderates in his own empire and foreign heads of state outweigh the dangers of angering the fundamentalist hardliners of Amarr, most notably those aligned with Jamyl Sarum.”

Lady Sarum--by far the most hard line Succession Trial candidate--has remained silent since Kor-Azor was named Emperor, and all eyes are on her to see if she follows through with tradition and takes her own life. Reports are circulating about an increased warship presence in the vicinity of Sarum-held territories, and that the security measures implemented at her various palaces are unprecedented. Having once served as War Minister and Commander of the Imperial Fleet, Sarum has enormous influence with the Amarr military and is not considered likely to “just go quietly into the night”. Liamsen explains: “She’s almost considered more dangerous now by the other governments than she ever was. For all but the Minmatar Republic, a stable, predictable Amarr Empire is the best they could hope for. That’s why they’ve been completely silent during the trials. They fear, above all else, a power struggle.”

“The danger lies in the difference between now and the Heideran days--when she held the highest and most prestigious military positions possible within the Amarr Empire versus now, when tradition demands that she ends her life. Consider the implications: Beware the general with absolutely nothing left to lose. This is a person who has relentlessly dedicated her life to what she believes is the divine might of Amarr. A betrayal of sorts has occurred here. It is the ultimate test of her faith, which up until now was uncontested. Her actions, whatever they turn out to be, will affect the very essence of Amarr culture. Kor-Azor may be Emperor, but it is Sarum who holds the most power--at least for now.”