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Empires compete to collect Baniya - winner gains favor of Jove

2004-05-25 - Publié par Svarthol

Tunai Moran, CONCORD’s Jovian representative, stated today that to further encourage the collection of Misu Baniya, the parties that assist the Empires in this undertaking would get limited blueprints of prototype cloaking technology. The technology being developed with Jove assistance at CONCORD is rumoured to originate from Crielere labs.

He further stated that "... the Empires will start collecting Baniya tomorrow, Wednesday, on the regional markets. All will buy Epidermis Sliver in minimum batches of 1000, each unit at 20.000 ISK totalling 20M ISK for each batch.

Gallenteans are buying Cerebral Slices in batches of 150 units at, the Caldari are collecting Liver Bile in 200 unit batches, the Amarrians Blood Drops in 400 unit batches and the Minmatar want Bone Splinters in 750 unit batches, all priced at 20M ISK.

The race that fills the most batches will gain the favor of the Jove race."

Moran, when asked by reporters how long cloaking technology had been available to the Empires and why nobody had seen it, answered "... well you wouldn't, would you? It was cloaked."