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EVE University Celebrates 2000 Members

2011-07-05 - Publié par Svarthol

Aldrat, Metropolis - EVE University celebrates reaching 2000 members.

Zeroniss, Media Manager for EVE University, was very pleased that such a high number of members had been recruited, but emphasised that it was business as usual: "Realistically it's quite a big thing, but no more daunting than say, last week when we had 1900 members."

Zeroniss believes EVE University to be "one of the few corporations in New Eden that while exploring a wide variety of content, is still very friendly and welcoming for new capsuleers". She added that the membership landmark also emphasises the "need for an expanding infrastructure" as more pilots require "more resources, more teachers and more staff".

Chrysler Cruiser, a new member, told how for him the University is "a good experience".

To celebrate the 2000th member joining the corporation, EVE University will be allowing students to open up a question and answer session with University staff, concluding with a "student Vs staff" combat session.

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