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Foiritan claims Senate out of touch with public

2003-11-26 - Publié par Svarthol

In a surprising turnaround President Foiritan has gone from defense on to the offense in his struggle with the Senate. Only yesterday he had to fend off allegations that he was using taxpayer's money to fund his own hobby interests, but now the table has turned with him vehemently attacking the Senate, declaring it out of touch with reality and lacking connections with the public.

The President's outburst came at a fund-raising gala last evening, where money for terminally ill children was being raised. President Foiritan took the opportunity to point out that only two senators were attending the gala, a clear sign that the Senate did not care for such 'lowly' endeavors, preferring to rub shoulders with the upper brass of society.

No Senator has responded yet, but this is not the first time that Senators have been accused of being insensitive and lacking in their attitude to the less fortunate. This has not the least been apparent in their actions in the Senate itself, where bills helping the upper classes or promoting the interests of big corporations have repeatedly been past in the last year or two. Thus, Foiritan's comments will hit home even harder.