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Forum Signature Rules Changes and RDF Feeds

2005-01-14 - Publié par Svarthol

The rules concerning forum signature sizes found on the Forum Rules page have been changed. In an effort to streamline the rules and make everyone's life easier, the forum signature rules now under the third item are as follows:

Signature graphics that may only contain your character name, corporation logo, corporation or personal slogan or other text that is directly related to your in-game persona, or directly related to EVE Online. All content must be in good taste.

The size limits for signature graphics are as follows:
Maximum height: 120 pixels
Maximum width: 400 pixels
Maximum file size: 24,000 bytes (not kbytes)
Images submitted that exceed the height and width limitations will automatically be resized to fit within these guidelines. You are still responsible for the size of the signature in bytes and content of the image.

In a nutshell, these changes increase the maximum pixel area to 48,000 pixels (max heightmax width) and increase the maximum file size slightly. Images that exceed the 120400 pixel size will automatically be compressed to fit when displayed on the forums. These changes will not affect previous warnings for signature size violations.

Also, t20 has added a new page with listings of RDF feeds. If you need to have your craving for "up to the minute" EVE news and information satisfied, this is the place to go. Further information may be found on the EVE Insider Feeds page.