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Lights, Camera, Action! : Holoreel Revival?

2008-03-31 - Publié par Svarthol

In recent times the prevalence of In Capsule Entertainment systems has led to the gradual decline of communal holoplexes. This may be changing with the release of a number of high profile holoreels which are being distributed to holoplexes by GalNet's Public Holo Service.

There have always been a number of private corporate and alliance funded production companies which have dominated the holo market. The decline of the plexes and the pursuant reduction in profits led to costs and overheads being cut in an attempt to stimulate business. This has led to an influx of production companies making new holoreels.

Three holoreels which are currently being distributed and shown in plexes are the Gargamel's Lair production "Carebear Sorrows" directed by Vasili vonHolst, Mercenary Coalition's production "Tortuga - Lacrimosa" edited by Dire Lauthris, and Holy Cow/Veto Productions' "A Life So Changed" directed by Cown. These three reels although only released recently are enjoying huge success.

Reports suggest that the demand for Cown's latest release was so great that there were queues forming in order to view it, prompting GalNet to increase its distribution efforts.

Whether the upturn in fortunes signals a revival in the public plex business remains to be seen. However for the moment it seems the cameras will keep rolling.

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