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Misconduct, Resolution and a Promise

2005-06-08 - Publié par kieron

Most of the time, I have great enjoyment managing the volunteer program, also known as ISD (Interstellar Services Department). However, there are rare occasions where being the Volunteer Manager can be a painful experience. Today was one of those occasions.

Today, a volunteer was removed from the ISD program and his play accounts were permanently banned from EVE. An event character was transferred from an event account to a play account using the Character Transfer service along with a large amount of ISK. This transfer was quickly noticed, an investigation launched, the volunteer was caught and action was taken. The investigation is still ongoing to determine if other players were involved or benefited from this misconduct. If there are others involved, actions taken against them will be swift and as severe. At the present point in the investigation, the misconduct has not had an effect outside the accounts involved.

Oveur, myself and the program leads are thoroughly disgusted by the actions taken by this volunteer and dealt with this misconduct in what we feel is the most just and severe manner possible. Also, measures are being taken to prevent such an incident from occurring in the future.

This is the most severe breach of the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement faced by the volunteer program to date. Not only was trust given by ISD broken, but also the trust of the entire player base and that is the reason for this Dev Blog. Those involved with the management and administration of the volunteer program want the player base to know that any misconduct by a volunteer will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible. Hopefully, if any trust of ISD by the player base has been lost, this will restore that trust.